Lazarus Kiss.29

Sis amplexibus Amor alios mututa memini et amoris in mutationes memini.

May you be embraced by a love beyond recall that alters others

and a love within recall that alters you.


Lazarus Kiss.29

According to his cell the humidex was at a seasonal high. Ideal conditions for a few cold ones in a cool bar. He was tempted to drop into Story but didn’t know what he’d do if Alex was there. He hadn’t thought much about the curse all day. Was it broken. Did having Alex, who remembered meet Kate, who didn’t remember undo it? That would be sweet.

If it was broken perhaps he didn’t have to let anything develop between him and Alex. The thought of where that was leading brought back his anxiety. No, he couldn’t leave that unresolved. Alex didn’t strike him as a guy who leave anything unfinished.

There was more than one cold bar for a cool drink. There was always “Last Chance Chuck.” He couldn’t remember when he had been in there last.

Last Chance was cool. The Sapporo’s was iced to perfection. He was tempted to seek a hidden nook to avoid being seen but this was good a place and time as any to check if the curse was finally broken. No stranger had hit on him yet. Though his co-workers were acting more congenial than ever. Had the gift mutated so that people who knew him would now start to like him rather than just put up with him.

He’d never cared how well liked he was at his job. None of them were at odds with one another but there was no dE.tail baseball team either. Or was there? He’d never looked much at the bulletin board there. If it wasn’t in a Tavi text he didn’t pay attention to work stuff.

He finished his beer. Uninterrupted. He was home by six.  Threw in a load of laundry including the clothes he had been wearing that day. Too hot to wear anything it was a fine night to get naked and be with himself. And Andy Humpfun.


‘As long as Andy remains on his charge pad his remains fully charged for play. The programming allows for voice, motion or physical contact to make him operational. Using the voice ware module you can have him respond to a simple verbal commands such as ‘play time’ that will initiate his erotic functions. Try it.’

He was reading Andy’s user booklet when there was a knock at his door. He looked out the peep hole and it was Jarrod and Suli, a couple of the maintenance staff with his new door.

“Wait a sec while I get some clothes on.” He put on sweat shorts and a Spiderman tee. He lounged on his balcony while they installed the door.

The aluminum legs of the chaise slid back and forth as Harris lay on it. One of these lunch times he’d have to pick up a runner to put under it. Or one of those sample blankets with feet. Those neon colors were sure to scare the pigeons away.

It took the workers less than an hour to get the new door in place, leveled properly and wired up. It had an electronic peep hole for greater accuracy, one that would take pictures of anyone who entered and exited. Save them for a week. The new lock required an electronic swipe key. Same as his office. Suli didn’t know what happened if there was a power outage or if there was manual override. They could get him a users booklet for the door if he wanted one. Or he could check on line.

Restless after they had gone Harris decided to enjoy the almost cool evening. He went into Mug Thuggs for one of their iced chocochinnos and one butter tart. He was shocked that the place was packed. Following the lead of a couple other coffee shops they had deemed that night a weekly game board night. Bring your own or rent one of the house games. There were people playing Monopoly, Risk, games he had never seen including one involving tiny space ships and planets that took two tables for its set up.

He sat on the front patio. He was amazed to be feeling this normal, not to have that sense of either foreboding or wanting. Even his feet felt cool and free.

“Mind if I sit here.” A young woman asked him, pulling at the empty chair on the other side of his table.

“Sure. I’m playing chess in my head. Care to join me.”

“No thanks. Too much spacial visualization.”

“Good, I was losing anyway.”

She was pretty. Black hair pulled up into a bun on the top of her head. Thin strapped grey camy, freckled shoulders. He had another bite of his butter tart managing not to eat it in one or two bite or in less time than it took to get a place to sit.

“Good?” she asked.

“Yeah.” he wiped his hands on a paper napkin, not his shorts.

“It’s nice to just sit here, isn’t, decompress after a bitch of a day.”

“Yeah.” he nodded.

Her perfume had a light candy smell to it.

“You smell good.”

“Thanks. It Britney Spears’ new Love Hearts. I used to be crazy about them as a kid. Always wished I could get hem anytime of year not only around Valentines. The candies I mean. I have to confess I’ve added a dash of cinnamon oil too. You come here for the board games.”

“No, wanted to get out of my place. I didn’t know they were doing this here. Looks like fun.”

“I’ve never had the patience for that sort of thing. Rolling the dice, spinning spinners, taking turns, going in circles. It used to drive me crazy at a kid. Still does. I can’t even watch them you know.”
“Yeah we’re not Gen x but gen ADD.”

“For sure.” she laughed. “You a Spiderman fan?” she plucked at the web on his tee-shirt.

“Not really. I used to collect but grew out of it. You?”

“Nah. Buffy was more my style. You live in this area? I’m looking to move.”

“Plaza Place.”

“Nice looking bulding. Good location, too.”

“I like it.”

“Got a good view I bet.”


“I’d love to see it.” she leaned forward running her hand under his baggy shorts.

“That can arranged.” Wow, so this is what a normal pick up is like. Harris didn’t feel compelled.

He open his apartment door and Becky went in first. She was on her knees when he entered. She pulled his shorts down and took his cock in her month. He was hard instantly.

She stopped and stood up. “Sorry. It’s been awhile since … you know ….”

He hoped this wasn’t the curse in action. It didn’t feel like it was though. He was aware of what was happening. He kicked his shorts away.

She slipped out of her clothes faster than he thought possible. They kissed leaning against the door.

“Oh my God. What is that?” she brushed against Andy in his corner beside the door.

“I don’t want you to get the wrong idea.”

She pulled Andy into the light, lifted the Robin tee that Harris had used to covered him.

“Kinky.” she laughed touching the elf’s perfect cock. “What’s it taste like?”

“I don’t know. I …. uh ….. part of my job ….” He didn’t know how to explain. “It’s a prototype for Santa’s Sex Toy Shoppe’s Santa-faction line for next year. They sent me one to …. see how difficult they were to use.”

He moved the elf’s hands to her breast level and pinched the Andy’s right nipple. The eyes blinked and the hands opened and closed.

“Thank you for turning me on, Harris.” It said.

“Oh, my God. I’ve never seen anything like this in my life.” She let one of her beasts fit into the squeezing hands.

“Soft and firm. Holy fuck that feel amazing. Have you tried this?” she pulled Harris closer.

“No. It’s …”

She put Andy’s other hand onto to Harris’s cock. She kissed him and put his hand on her other breast. Andy hand persistently opened and closed on his erection.

She ended the kiss and they disengaged from Andy. The elf’s mouth opened and closed and the eyes moved as if looking from Harris to Becky.

“My ex was always after me to do a three way, but chicks never appealed to me and guys never appealed to him. This is the perfect solution. Don’t you think?”

“I suppose.” Harris wasn’t too thrilled to have the elf’s hand on him but if it had been female how different would the hand have been.

“What else does it do? I mean …. sorry I know I came up here to be with you but a girl doesn’t find a toy boy like this every day. The eyes are pretty creepy aren’t they.”

“Yes.” Harris swtiched off Andy and left him at the end of the couch.

Becky was on the balcony. He joined her.

“Listen, this isn’t like me at all. I broke off with my boyfriend and this was the only way I could think of to make me stop thinking of him. He was mean bastard and you looked like such a nice guy sitting there. Cuddly.” She kissed him.

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