Lazarus Kiss.30

Sis amplexibus Amor alios mututa memini et amoris in mutationes memini.

May you be embraced by a love beyond recall that alters others

and a love within recall that alters you.


He got hard. She rubbed his cock with her pubic hair. The shaft pressed between her vagina lips.

“Yeah, that feels good. You are amazingly gentle. So gentle. He was always shove, shove, do this, do that.” She slid off him. “Just the right size too.”


They went inside. She got condoms from her purse then maneuvered him the edge of the couch where she could sit on his lap and wrap her legs around him.

“Wow, it’s like he’s watching isn’t it.” She giggled.

Andy’s eyes gleamed in the half-light coming through the balcony door.

“I like to be watched. Feels like you do too.”

She slid down to suck him and put the condom on his cock. She wrapped her legs around him pushing him back as she guided his cock into her. Rocking back and forth she brought her self to climax before he finally came.

“Women love a slow comer.” She kissed him as she peeled off the condom. “Harris. I agree with what you little friend said ‘Thanks for turning me on Harris.’”

“That was amazing.”

“I figured that out as we went along. You cuddly guys don’t get much action. You’re father material though.” She patted his stomach.

They fell asleep to the soft cool breathing of the air conditioner. Harris woke to the sound of the shower. It was morning. He hoped he had enough clean towels.

Her cell rang. She came out drying her hair. “Sorry, I turned it on when we were done.” She answered it. “Hello …. okay ….. I’m on my way.”

Harris went the the bathroom to give her privacy. When he came back she was dressed.

“I had a hot time with you Harris. I’d … this is awkward … Once in awhile I get this craving for an ordinary man. You’re a sweet guy but well … I really like guys with more edge … more drive … you get what I mean.”

“This was a one time thing?” His heart sank.

“Yes. Now don’t look at me like that.”

“I had a good time. I was ….” I was remembering evey minute of it.

“Yeah, I can tell. Look, I’m really not out of the relationship I’m in. Leaving is one thing, staying gone is another. It wouldn’t be fair to you. I don’t know if I really want it to be over with him.” She kissed him. “Besides you’ve got Andy here.”

“At least take Andy’s number?” He could feel his anxiety returning.

“Oh Harris. No. I don’t think Bill would understand.”

“You know where I live. If the light is on come on up for a another round.” He laughed uneasily as he shut the door behind her.

He watched her through the new, improved electronic peep hole till she was on the elevator. As the elevator doors closed his anxiety disappeared.

About ten minutes later there was a knockat his door. His heart leapt. She’d changed her mind. It was the concierge.

“Mr. Stevens after the incident last week. Your door. We’ve instituted these new security measures.” He gave Harris a sheet with the new regulations.

“Copies of these will posted for delivery personelle and visitors to read before they enter the building. But I will call your attention to number four.”

Number four read “Residents will be required to either accompany departing guests from the bulding or alert the front desk that a guest is departing.”

“The young lady who recently departed was your guest. Was she not?”
“Yes.” Harris blushed. “I didn’t …”

“They are just going into effect.”

“I’ll keep these in mind for future guests.”

*31 Thursday*

After an undemanding morning at dE.tail working on Shoeville’s end of summer online sales spectacular Harris went out to lunch. He was walking over to the Eaton’s’ centre when he spotted Becky with a female friend at the street lights.

“Hey! Becky!” he waved to her. “You work around here? My office is right over there.”

“Oh, yeah at the Fabraskin Clinic.” She smiled and glanced apologetically to her friend. “I … I meant what I said this morning Harris.”

“Yeah, I know but that doesn’t mean I can’t say ‘Hi’ does it?” The sweet aroma of her candy perfume turned him on.

“No.” The lights changed. “I gotta run.”

Harris was both disappointed and happy. Happy because for some reason his life was normal. He’d met a woman, had sex with her, actually slept with her and remembered her. She remembered him. Neither of them felt compelled to make more it either. But she remembered him.

Harris wanted to do a happy dance as he went into the shopping centre.

“Harris.” A hand touched him on the shoulder. The perfume told him it was Becky.

“Look, I didn’t mean to be such a bitch just then. I was surprised to see you here, this soon after … you know. I guess we’ll run into one another. I don’t want you to expect anything more than that. Okay.”

“Right. I didn’t mean to embaress you with my cuddly body in front of your  girlfriend.”

“That’s not it, at all.” She stomped away.


“Our associate firm in Pennsylvania tracked down what she presumes is the origins of the family curse. The papers are in the collection of Penn U.” Harris father handed him a several pages.

They were photocopies of diary entires. Handwritten. Harris couldn’t make them out. He looked at the pages and glanced up at his Dad who laughed.

“Penmanship has changed over the years. We’ll be getting a fuller translation soon of the whole diary. Fascinating from the late 1700’s. Tobias Stevens was a lawyer. Looks like I am carrying on the tradition. Here’s a translation of the actual curse. It is out of context but it gives us a general idea.”

He gave Harris a page with the diary excerpt on the top and the transcription typed out below.

“I dare not give these words more power by writing them as they were spoken to me.

Sis amplexibus Amor alios mututa memini et amoris in mutationes memini.”

“The curse is in Latin. Not unusual. Even in the early 1900’s things that were considered too sexual or sacrilegious were written in Latin.” His dad read them aloud.  “What the Latin says is ‘May you be embraced by a love beyond recall that alters others and a love within recall that alters you.’” He gave Harris the page with the Latin translation.

“May you be embraced by a love beyond recall that alters others

and a love within recall that alters you.’” Harris read it out loud. “Sound more like a …. blessing than a curse. Nothing about a daily dose of infatuation.”

“The translation may be imprecise. It’s also out of context. Tobias may have more to say about it.”

“Such as how he got it in the first place.”


Alex was frustrated by his time with Harris. If he could only get this sex itch scratched by Harris he was sure it would disappear. It wasn’t as if he was looking to set up house with the guy. All he wanted was to get naked and get his rocks off with him. If he believed this curse bullshit, getting it over with should end whatever this spell was anyway. Yet each time they met thinge kept them a part physically while at the same time let them get to know one another as people.

The fat fuck wasn’t his kind of people to begin with though. You’d reckon he’d feel lucky a guy as good looking as I am would be intersted in him in the first place. Yet he felt sure that if he didn’t get that sexual scratch he’d be frustrated.

He had several recent ultimate fighter matches recorded. Time to see real men beat the crap out of each other. That would take his mind off queers. The first match made him long to get back in the ring himself and pound the snot out of the other guy. Watching the feet, the fists fly got his heart racing. His hands punched the air in front him as the guys swung at each other, only they had real bodies to connected with. His hands ached with the familiar shock of knuckles against hard abs. A shock that the gloves didn’t dimish.

Next the guys were grappling on the mat. Arms pulled back, heads trapped between legs, faces forced into crotches.

Alex remembered that smell. The musk of sweaty men as they pounded each other, mixed with blood, liniment, the smell of the ring mat itself. The smell of another man that would be all over him after a match. It couldn’t be showered off.

The guys broke apart and sprung up and grappled again. Arms around each others shoulders. Twisting hard. Heads pressed together. Eye-balling each other as legs hooked out to grab at each others ankles, find a weak spot and then tumble over again to the mat. Mouths bleeding.

“Yeah.” Alex shouted. “Yeah hurt that fucker. Get him in a shoulder submission hold and keep him there.”

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