Feist or Farrell

In the opera world there is a niche in which sopranos let there hair down to perform ‘pop’ music. In the 50’s one of the most successful was Eileen Farrell. I came across a used copy The Eileen Farrell Album several years ago & it is pretty fun even if her takes on nightclub classics aren’t convincing but they do skirt camp. She has a full strong voice that makes for an interesting contrast to Feist.

I have as stand-alones Feist’s let it die, open season,The Reminder & tucked in an mp3 collection Metals. She has great pop sensibility, a well-produced sound. I do find it ironic that she is considered more authentic than say Katy Perry as their music is equally as slickly produced.

Feist is a whisperer, most of the time. Like Farrell she’s controlling her full range when she sings. This frailty lends much of her work a vulnerability that is appealing. I enjoy the music & the lyric content but none of it really sticks to me either.  I never felt ‘wow’ what an unusually sound’.

She not the first Canadian whisperer to make it big in the international market either. Way back in the 60’s there was Susan Christie – who hit it big with the novelty song ‘I Love Onions’ – the lp that song comes from is as sweet & endearing as anything Feist has recorded. Feist owes Susan a debt of gratitude. One she also owns to Françoise Hardy as well. Françoise, product of the 60’s, has another of those sweet little voices & the similarities to Feist are very strong. Same with Brigitte Bardot http://wp.me/p1RtxU-TV . I would be amiss not to mention  Blossom Dearie http://wp.me/p1RtxU-28a – an amazing jazz singer with the same ‘frail’ range & a great sense of humour too.


‘Welcome Students …. ’

The PA system cackled with crackle and echo. Two boys rushed to the front, flipped the panel open and did something.

What was that something? Where did they learn it? Certainly not here. Electronics and knob fiddling wasn’t one of the classes in the curriculum. Where did the two guys I remembered from high-school who would always show up learn to fiddle away these little auditory defects? Why where they always in two’s?

The shorter of the two nodded to the dean. The little tuft of black hair on his chin made his face almost look older.

‘Welcome Students …’ Crisp as fresh washed lettuce.

The two boys high fived and walked up the aisle. Our heroes. No need to get a sports letter when one knew how to fiddle about.

‘Welcome Students … ’ the Dean began again. ‘I am Dean Yogg. I know this is the start of a great life for all of you. Lovecraft University is pleased to welcome you all.’

There was a polite rustle from the mass of students.  ‘Yea Lovecraft.’

‘For the new students there will be an orientation session in Room 413 in the Dunwich Building after lunch. Each of you has been assigned a senior to help you through the first week. That pairing off will start now.’

A senior stood and called off the name or two that had been assigned to him or her.

‘Sycorax Falanna.’

‘That would be me.’ I stood up. Rarely did I hear my name pronounced correctly first time. I saw that I had been assigned the shorter of the two boys who had fixed the sound system.

‘Welcome to Lovecraft U. I’m Cal Fortunata.’

‘Cal… is that short for Caliban?’

‘You got it.’ He laughed. ‘The sweet sounds of night.’


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