My Revenge

My Revenge

mom always liked him best

dad was always picking on me

I could never get a fair shake

he was always some teacher’s pet

I wasn’t even the class clown

he had lots friends

I had none

even new kids I met

became his friends

too busy to play with me

I was too young

not smart enough

not cute enough

I never played the game

any game

as well as anyone else

I gave up trying

who needs it anyway

too much work


I’ll leave all that to him

it won’t last

it can’t last

I’ll keep up my muttering

I know how to gnaw at that foundation

when he falls

and I know he’ll fall

the way will be clear for me

that’s my secret

not needing the friends

to make my way the way he has

they’ll see he’s using them

the teacher will see

my parents will realize

they should have loved me best

by then it’ll be too late

for them

so follow him while you can

his fall

will be my revenge

This take on Law 42 starts with that Smothers Bros line ‘Mom always liked you best’ – the basis for much of their comedy was this mild sibling rivalry. I do have a brother & sisters but the age gap prevented this sort of rivalry. So this is a fiction based on things I have observed in familial relationships, movies, books I’ve read.

It also reflects the true manipulative nature of many of the rules of power – how to subtly work things to your advantage. My narrator here is one of those guys who is sweet & supportive to the rival’s face but is merely biding their time while resenting all the good things happening to their rival. Discontent is sown behind the back with backhand compliments like – ‘he got away with it again.’


This is also the unreliable narrator – one isn’t sure how sincere he is – is the rival acting in a way trick people or is his actually a ‘nice’ person who the narrator resents as upped to a trickster who needs to be revealed. Envy takes many forms & expresses itself in many ways. This narrator is on his way of becoming one of those villains rationalizing his actions by claiming a superior insight to what others don’t see because they are being hoodwinked.

In crime fiction this narrator could end up as a serial killer offing everyone who reminds him of his rival to free the world of this type of person. Good villains often do what they do thinking it is a logical way to benefit all as opposed to issues they may have with envy or lack of power.

In my own life I wish I felt this strongly & negatively about anyone 🙂 If I envy someone it usually because of their shoes & not the actions I think they are getting away with.

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