Lazarus Kiss.40

Sis amplexibus Amor alios mututa memini et amoris in mutationes memini.

May you be embraced by a love beyond recall that alters others

and a love within recall that alters you.


Lazarus Kiss.40

Once again the weaker was being arched into the the stronger’s crotch. All he had to do was open his mouth and he’d have it filled with cock.

The ref pulled them apart. The stronger had won.

Alex knew that that bulges the fighters had were the protective cups they wore, and those were already under a tight lycra shorts with their baggy satin shorts as the final layer. Even guys with big equipment would have little to show with those loose shorts as the final layer. One of the things he never got into was the tats way too many of the fighters got into. Not that he didn’t admire the art work but those guys looked fully clothed when they were naked. When he undressed Alex liked to be naked. He enjoyed the way his body looked, the fleshiness of it. His abs didn’t need anything extra.

By the end of the show he felt so horned up that he was tempted to call Linda. Yeah sure, like that was going to happen. Now that she was gone, she was gone. He went to the laundry hamper to see if she had left anything behind. He was in luck. Panties. Perfect. They still had her smell on them too. A whiff pussy pissy but clean too.

He rubbed his cock to see if that smell would get him hard. He couldn’t remember the last time he had jacked off. Sniffing wasn’t working. He could get hard but didn’t feel like doing the work to get himself off.

Were there new videos on-line he could try? He had a favorite porn site. Hungry Gals in Public – where it always looked as if the sex was happening in public places. Woman sucking off guys in laundromats with what seemed to be oblivious people folding laundry in the background. Were there scenes at sports events?

He typed sports into the search mode and up came videos of men and women pissing on each other in public places. Not for him.

He tried Ultimate Fighters for the hell of it but there was nothing. He went to the gay site he had book-marked and tried the same thing there. Wow! There were dozen of videos. All of Ultimate Fighter types with subdivisions from thug to Thai. He went to Latino because he’d always found them to be the fiercest fighters. The first few he started featured guys who clearly didn’t know what they were doing, or who seemed too stoned to focus on more than fumbling at their opponents crotches.

He picked one at last because the guys in the thumbnail had the right stance. It started with a close up a poster of the two fighters snarling at each other with ‘Luis vs Santos’ under them – only the ‘vs’ had ‘does’ written over it.

Once it started he was pleased that their footwork and the actually fight was as real as any he’d seen. In fact the setting looked true enough with the cage around the ring, people in the bleachers around it and a ref he almost recognized. They must have rented an actual arena to shoot in. Was that possible?

The fighters were evenly matched. One much darker than the other. Not black but definitely Latino. They fought viciously, there was no way they were faking it like the guys in the other clips he had started.

The audience reaction was right too. This part had to be stock footage because there was no way a fight this legit was part of a porno. The fighters were grappling on the mat and pulling each others’ shorts off. Actions any ref would stop a legit fight for, only this ref grabbed the shorts and tossed them into the bleachers where guys passed them around smelling them. Sniffing them the way he had sniffed Linda’s panties.

The panties were still in his hand and he did to them what the audience in the video were doing with the fighters’ satin shorts. Rub them on his face. The smell of her got him hard again and he fisted them around his cock.

The guys in the porn were up again circling each other looking for weak points. Only now their lycra shorts were gone too and all they wore were jock straps without protective cups. Even the ref was wearing a jock. Their asses were wet with perspiration, their cocks bounced as they grabbed each other by the shoulders, they seemed to trip each other at the same time.

They fell on each other. Rolling and grunting. Elbowing and trying to land punches when they could. It was so rough Alex forgot that they were naked, that this was supposed to be a gay porn. Forgot till the darker one was finally on top. His hairy ass in the other guys face. The bottom guy had his shoulders pinned to the mat and was lifting his ass to get loose, his erect cock free of the jock strap. The camera dropped and the top guy had his ass nearly planted on the bottom guy’s face. His ass inches from a tongue.

The bottom guy opened his mouth and bit the ass over him. The top guy jumped up in pain. He dropped back down straddling the biter face to face.

The guys in the bleachers were grabbing the cage, they were all stripped down to jocks too, and where shouting “Fuck him Luis! Give it to him Santos! Make him beg to take it Luis.”

Now the fighters were back their feet. Completely naked. Grappling again, only now hands were reaching down for dicks, trying to turn each other around so cocks were thrusting at asses.

“Pin him Luis! Pin him Santos!” came from the bleachers. “Submission.”

“Yeah pin the fucker.” Alex gasped.

The fighters tumbled over each other back to the mat. Each forcing himself on the other.

“Yeah. Yeah.” Alex was yanking at his dick. Linda’s panties bunched around his nut sack and pulled up on his balls as he jacked himself off.

As the dark guy now on top forced his thick cock into the other guy’s mouth, Alex came.

“Now that’s what I call a submission.”

He pushed away from his monitor. Oh yeah, Harris was going to have the time of his life if he ever got the chance.

After a quick shower he headed off to Story for his evening shift. Another hot busy night. Busy thanks to a couple of co-ed softball teams that dropped by after their game. One of the women players kept giving him the eye but when he responded she’d be chill to him.

He was used to this sort of tease. Women who were interested but didn’t want their friends to catch on. There was no real harm in a little playing around like this. Made him feel desirable even if there was nothing to it than that.

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