Lazarus Kiss.43

Sis amplexibus Amor alios mututa memini et amoris in mutationes memini.

May you be embraced by a love beyond recall that alters others

and a love within recall that alters you.


Lazarus Kiss.43

Next pertinent portion of the diary –

“Jasper McClough and his son returned as the sun was setting. They appeared less driven by anger yet were insistent that I turn the fiendish gypsy over to them. Regardless if I didn’t believe my trustworthy neighbor he was sure I realized the danger of harboring such a vile man, that gypsies consorted with Satan. He was positive his own cows had stopped giving milk as result of this consort of the devil.

I listened to this without contradiction but wouldn’t not grant him the satisfaction of agreeing with him or of producing Rowell. Jasper became more irate as it was clear to him I was unreceptive to his demands.

He paced the yard beside me as he made it clear to me that this foreign demon had to be dealt with harshly or the hand of our Creator would fall heavy on us all. Especially anyone who harbored such an abhorrence.

When we neared the orchard two men stormed out and grabbed me. I could see in the near distance several other men binding Rowell. Once bound they dragged him on the ground.

I broke free of my captors. I dashed to my house, grabbed my pistols and fired them in the air. The men released Rowell, jumped on their horses and rode off. I dashed over to Rowell to unloosen the ropes. Other than a cut to his forearm which bleed freely he didn’t appear greviousley harmed by their mishandling of him.

He noticed that I was bleeding from a gash in my head. I instructed my bother Thomas as to how to tend to these wounds.”

This is dated the very next day.

“As I sit in the evening air my heart is heavy for this has proved to be a most vexing day. As has oft been my habit I awoke before the first cock crow to enjoy the peace and stillness. To walk my land in this calm light of the rising sun reveals the promise of our Creator to grace those who are faithful to him with pleanty.

My sweet morning communion was disturbed by the sounds of struggle from the barn. I feared that townsmen had returned once more to seek vengeance upon the unfortunate Rowell who was now in my protection.

I opened the barn door and there in that chaste morning light I saw Rowell upon Thomas my brother. Their nakedness was affront enough but they were engaged in an that act has stained my mind. The very mention of this detestable vice is shocking to human nature and shakes the soul of even great sinners.

I shouted for them to cease yet they remained enraptured by this vice they heeded me not. I could not bring myself to step closer. I reached for a buggy whip and brought it down with all the force God had graced me with on the backs of these men.

They parted in great haste and surprise. Each looking upon the other as if seeing the other for the first time. As if they had not be engaged in an act of abomination.

My outrage was such that I could no longer speak. They dressed hastily.

I felt great shame at my defense of this gypsy man who had proved himself to be as evil as my neighbors had claimed him to be. Although I knew that You are the great judge I could not abide to have these men on my property.

Rowell came to me to beg further mercy. A mercy I was incapable of showing him. I stuck him with all my force knocking him to the floor. I demanded that he remove himself from my sight before I had him taken to the village to be punished for his skulking perditious activities.

With Thomas’s help we bound him. There was no way I could contenence such a perditious villian to live. I should not have interrfered with the actions of my neighbours.

I conveyed the abomination to the church. The bell was rang for the elders. I told them what had transpired. My neighbour Jasper McClough testified to what he had witnessed. Judgement was swift and the heretic apostate was to be burned within the hour.

He stood. Blood coming from his mouth. He snatched a piece of paper from the pulpit and wrote upon it. He handed the bloodied paper to me. As I read it, he spoke the words “Sis amplexibus Amor alios mututa memini et amoris in mutationes memini.” [once I recorded these words I burned the paper he had written them upon.]

He trembled fiercely which I took as a sign of his contrition. He muttered a hope that this enchantment would treat me more kindly that it had treated him. I sneered at his gypsy foolishness. I told him such enchantments have no power in God’s world.

The men conveyed him to the town square where a pyre had been constructed. I was grateful that it did not fall upon me to strangle the man. Once the village smith had done the job the flames were lit.

As the fire roared around him Rowell’s eyes suddenly opened. He shrieked out in great pain. I could not watch any longer. The aroma of pungent spice enveloped us till his screams ended. His last words were to beg for forgiveness for casting away his blessing of love.

I was peaceful until I went to the orchard. Thomas had hung himself. May his soul be tormented in flame for the shame he brought upon himself.”

Next pertinent portion comes from a later volume of the diaries. Some of diaries are dated, many are not but this seems to be a few years later.

“Today I am to marry Mary Fields. I feel deep shame that she is with my child for if she were not I fear we would not marry. I do not recall the occasion of bedding her. If we had not been discovered by her mother and brother I would have denied it. The fact remains we were in the same bed together when morning broke.

When it was discovered she was with child I did the honorable thing by her and her good family.”

Later in the same diary:

“My dear wife has passed away in childbirth. I have a fine son to be named Eldon. I will miss her sorely as she has proved to be a boon and blessing despite our troubled beginning. She was most considerate and understanding of my various indiscretions. She never questioned my inability to remember what had transpired.

It grieves me deeply to have become an adulterer with no conscience or presence of mind to prevent it from occurring. Each time I have pledged to Our Saviour it would be the last, that it would never transpire again. Yet I would discover that it had.

Once my dear wife is buried I will leave this territory while I have a well reguarded reputation for goodness.”

This is one of the last entries in the diaries. We know that he did leave Pennsylvania and move further west to set up his legal practice. He kept no more records himself of his life. He was elected to the state assembly of Colorado. It was his son Eldon who moved to Canada.

There are no records of a Rowell Byrnes, that is if this is an authentic name.  Rowell is mostly commonly a last name.”

Harris went through the pages and there was a photocopy of the actual curse. Did the original that Rowell wrote still exist. If he had that he could burn it and free himself from it.


Harris waited for Trevor on the east bound subway platform. The day at dE.tail had passed quickly and uneventfully. Life seemed normal. There had been, as far as he could tell, no sudden infatuations. His eyes ached as they often  did from the constant staring at the screen while he nursed pixels of rose blush to rose blush less. Occasionally he wished he could turn his eyes off because he’d catch himself looking at the subway ads wanting to tweak shadows or nudge text a little to give images more pop.

“Hey Dog. Looking fresh.” he tousled Harris’s hair.

“New cut.” Harris tired to smooth out what Trevor had ruffled.

“Man I never thought you’d cut loose of that pony tail. Takes pounds off.”

The train pulled up and they got on. The car was crowded so they stood where they could find a space.

“Any further adventures today?”

“Nothing. Happy to say.” Harris shrugged. “ A day of peace and quiet is what I wanted and that’s what I got.”

“Cool. This suits you. The highlights.”

“Since when did hair mean that much to you?”

“It don’t, man. Can’t a guy say something nice sometimes. I mean you’ve been making major changes. Don’t you want anyone to notice?”

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