Moon Phases


Started a new set of prompts – I love lists of things – this one will prove to be endlessly productive for another couple of years – 227 Rules For Monks. Who knew the simple life could be so complex. This number 24 from the 30 nissaggiyas.

Two Moon Phases

Phase One

moonlight so blue

it left no trace

on my skin

as his fingers

followed the flow

of the edge

where the blue

became pale flesh

the flow

where finger tips

were replaced with lips

teeth biting

Phase Two

this is not the time

no one will tell you

when the time is right


when it’s wrong

you are told not what to do

but never what to do


you’ll never be assured


everything you do is wrong


there is a right way

it’s for you to figure out

no one will tell you how


only punish you

for each and every mistake

love will be withheld


opportunity will be denied

no explanations will be forthcoming

until you do it right




giving up is not an option

this is not the time

to give up

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