The Malarkey Elixir 

The launch of Charlie C Petch‘s Mel Malarkey album was a glittering (for the east end) gala event. The full house event was held at the Artisans At Work venue on the Danforth (at Woodbine). I’ve seen a previous production of Mel Malarky: Pitch Perfect Petch – & seeing it again after several months I was still drawn into this Canadian vaudeville cabaret world that Charlie captures brilliantly in their one-person show.

Now truly a one-person show Charlie gets to show off their prowess with not only the musical saw, but also the squeeze box, ukulele & well, there is a surprise musical moment as well. Accents galore British, German, uncertain :-). The performance space was intimate & acoustics were perfect. The show is portable & adapted to this space easily, with the added bonus of a dressing room door.

The piece has grown since I first saw it at the Cameron house & Charlie finds greater emotional depth in character of Mel, as well as great comedy. The elixir takes on greater flavour each time it is drank & becomes a character of its own. The music is sweet. The costume & character changes are smooth. The show is perfect for, if nothing else, an NFB production.

There is a cd of the show plus a cleverly designed book as well. Both are available at Artisans At Work on the Danforth (at Woodbine). Artisans has fostered an atmosphere of urban change in the stretch of the Danforth between Woodbine & East Lynn. Since it opened as a retail & work space for artists, Nooks have sprung up with several separate  gallery style shops that are worth checking out. You can also drop into Cake Town Cafe for their excellent scones & coffee, or try Zev’s equally good coffee.

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