Log Deep in Yule

Sometimes I am reminded that some people don’t know as much trivial shit as I know. I was reminded of this the other day when a friend of mine says he refused to put up Christmas lights because they were too Christian. Ordinarily I would let someone’s misinformation slip by but this one I had to address. To make this even odder he was unaware of the pre-Christian roots of the Festive season – that the Church co-opted Saturnalia (much as they did with Easter). I also told him there is no mention of outdoor lighting, other than the Star, in the Bible.

I figured everyone knew that what we know as Christmas didn’t come into being until the late 1800’s. Yes, I know there were Christmas feasts for centuries but it didn’t hit its commercial stride until Dickens & then all shopping hell broke loose. He was stunned to hear that Santa Claus, as we envision him, was created by Coca Cola.

Holiday lights spring from the Victorian custom of placing the Christmas Tree in a window for passers-by to see it. It wasn’t until electric lighting that the tree moved into a corner & the windows were trimmed. The tree & lights go back to the ancient Yule need for more lights during the darkest time of the year. Those crafty Church folk quickly made the light represent the Star. Very wise. There’s are lots of excellent documentaries on the history of Christmas so do more research if you want to know more.

I find the PC correctness of the Holidays amusing – calling it Christmas isn’t inclusive of non-Christians. But let me tell you any merchant will accept your cash this time of year whether you are Christian or not. So I go to Festive gatherings, holiday parties. It’s a wonder we get to hear actual carols like Silent Night without some sort of trigger warning. Being an avowed non-Christian I embrace what I can – I love Starbuck’s Egg Nog latte. I’m sure even the Magi would see the wisdom in that.

Dark of Five


in the dark of five in the afternoon

I have no fear of death

just a fear that putting it in words

becomes an invocation

to what needs no invitation




duende knows no time

no clock    no light

nothing is needed

nothing is sacred

diversion is sacramental worship

as long as there is no need to focus

there is no need to fear

there is nothing to push away

the duende brings its own ripe red bite

the edges are crisp clear

you are just wretched rat shit

hoping that you have a way out

there is no need to escape

there no where to go

where the black ribbon won’t tie you

cannot define you but will end you

no need for need

all will be hidden revealed discarded




my fear is that only in death

will I be discovered

that the vast treasure I contain

will only spill forth

like gold nuggets hidden under my skin

when death slices that thin membrane

to send them raining ringing like love



in the dark of five

do I dare invoke duende

while I sit at my window

the fade of an ice etched day

the mortal cold of that snap grip

dances between dust flashes

the empty air ghost filled




I call upon the balsam east

rising hope’s dream language

to assuage pain it can never cure


I call upon the spruce south

the scald of blooded lusts

words tossed to defend portents

all that has passed and will come


I call upon the Douglas west

a sense of past to build on

recall the many who have stood here

to evoke from you a shared memory

our separate histories that

understand pine but see a different box


I call upon the evergreen north

the clarity of moon on brittle snow

the gash of revenge regret atonement

join with the strength from below

the earth that holds divines the future

it has the silence of the sky above

the sun to reflect on us

who count on words to illuminate

what turns out not to be seeable

in the dark of five in the afternoon


HotDamn! It’s A Queer Slam




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