Bye Bye 2017

As you can see by the stats above my blog reach around has grown wider. I’m up to 217 followers – it may not sound like a lot but these are people who have decided to follow me, not people adding yet another blog in hopes that blog will add them. Slow & steady is the best growth for me. Not that I wouldn’t mind seeing it suddenly go viral for a few posts.
As I look over the countries from where my followers & lookers are form I’m always amazed. The top three come as no surprise but China at #4! Kenya at #5 – wtf? I just wish some of those followers would say Hi 🙂

Both my Twitter & Tumblr have grown steadily over the past year as well but getting stats from either of them isn’t as simple. I do get more frequents followers are Tumblr thanks to spam bots from hetero porn sites that target certain algorithms but at Tumblr one can block followers so I get to be more selective in who sees what.

Creatively 2018 was a productive year though I’ve yet to find a queer poetry workshop context that fits into my schedule (or even one that doesn’t.) I did features at Art Bar, Hot sauced-Words & Hot Damn! It’s a Queer Slam. Published my first new chap book is a couple of years. Queer Slam! has gotten bigger & better & being a part of that has been inspiring. Same with Capturing Fire in DC. I love the city, at least what I see of it. My only quibble is being over-looked, once again, by both Pride & Naked Heart – my writing is certainly political enough but I guess I’m too openly gay male sexual for this gender sensitive generation.

My private life has been good. Health good, finances stable (who doesn’t want more $). Saw some great shows at Stratford Festival & Shaw Festival. The fwb’s had been consistent & in some cases emotional ties have deepened to where they (separately) join us for supper regularly. I renewed my friendship with the Latino man I was so infatuated with a few year back – his night-shift job made it impossible at that time. This was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made & goes on the list that includes leaving Cape Breton, getting sober … this list of blessings goes on.


HotDamn! It’s A Queer Slam

June 8-9 – Capturing Fire 2018 – Washington D.C. (flight & hotel already booked) 

Hey! Now you can give me $$$ to defray blog fees & buy ice cream in Washington at 2018’s – sweet,eh?

Like my pictures? I post lots on Tumblr


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