Francy Boland – Kenny Clarke Big Band Plus

Christy Doran: Red Twist & Turned Arrow – this is an ECM release that I bought in July 1994. I never heard of it but I was willing to buy anything on the ECM label because of the quality of their releases. It was probably on sale too 🙂 The music is anxious jazz. Busy without ever being disharmonious. Restless explorations with guitars, drums, synthesizers. If you come across it grab it.

Rounding out my Ellington mp3 collections are several great albums. Francy Boland-Kenny Clarke Big Band: Open Door – back in the 80’s, a good friend had this lps & I made a cassette dupe of it. This is excellent big band work in a muscular modern (even then) mode. In fact I love it so much that on listening to it last month I downloaded another 4 lps by this big band: Live recordings, Last Train From Berlin, Off Limits, Calypso Blues . Very satisfying jazz. check them out.

Buddy Rich: Big Swing Face – I had this double lp way back in the 70’s before I moved to Toronto from Cape Breton. Similar to Boland big band, this a live set driven by Rich’s drumming. I love several of these tracks & the ambient nightclub sound gives it a very summery feel. Lee Morgan: The Sidewinder – a dynamic trumpet player who worked with Coltrane, Davis amongst others. This was another first found in the 80’s my friend’s collection & replaced with mp3.

Booker Ervin: Structurally Sound – I have several of Erivn’s lps in my collection. I first found him at Cheapies – a double set. A bop sax player with a rich sound & a propulsive exploration of great material. Influenced by Coltrane but never as ‘daring.’  More about him when I get to ‘e.’ Yusef Lateef: In A Temple Garden – anther great sax player with a ear for world music sounds. This started as a Cheapie’s lp that I was happy to upgrade to mp3. More about him when I get to ‘l.’

Finally two by Bud Shank: In Africa, Sunshine Express. Another big band leader who recorded extensively, worked with world music before it became a genre. Better than easy listening but not as compelling as Francy Boland – Kenny Clarke Big Band. All worth tracking down.

Pain After Death

‘Is there pain after death?’ Tom looked over to Frank. ‘That’s what were here to find out, isn’t it?’

‘Not entirely. But that’s a good notion to work with. I doubt if there is pain after death, with no attachment to the nerve endings, no corporal presence to to be connected to, there is nothing to feel the pain.’

‘Physical pain but what about emotional pain, spiritual pain?’

‘Spiritual pain? When have you ever felt spiritual pain?’

‘Yeah. I have. It’s a restless emptiness that can’t be filled with people, places or things. When I use them to sooth that pain, it only gets worse. The spiritual remedy is the only one that has helped.’

‘Well, we are certainly in a philosophical frame of mind this morning.’

‘Must be my Season of Change. ‘What has been started, continues in each of us, even if we don’t know it.’ ’

‘That’s from Dr. Melburton’s book?’

‘I think so. It’s what made me come with you. To find out what there was to find out here.’

‘So you believe there is a power here.’

‘Here, there and everywhere. Hiding. Always hidden.’

‘Only we don’t know what we might find.’

‘We know what we hope to find. That’s a start isn’t it.’

‘And we hope to find out if there’s pain after death?’

‘Something like that. I’ve felt something around me since we heard that chant. You have too haven’t you Frank?’

‘I suppose. Seems the air is more humid today.’

‘Rainy season is creeping up.’

‘The dead are just hiding and we are seeking them.’


‘Something my Dad once told me. He said they have merely passed beyond mortal sight.’

‘As if life were hide and seek … I kind of like that image. They’ve merely hidden and we may never find them.’

‘Oh, we’ll find them. The harder we seek the sooner we’ll find them.’

‘Then perhaps we’d better stop looking so hard.’ Tom laughed uneasily. ‘I don’t think I’m ready to …’

A flash of lightening was followed by a nearby clap of thunder. The drinking glasses on the bathroom sink rattled.

‘Very close.’

‘I have come to protect you.’ a voice spoke froim behind them.

They turned and the leader of the boys they had seen two nights ago, was on the balcony of their room. His body streaked with raw, red paint, daubed with splotches of darker red, white and almost glowing yellow. He was naked.

There was another ground-shaking crash of thunder. The rain started. Heavy. Thick rain that darkened the room.

The boy stepped into the room and collapsed on the bed.


HotDamn! It’s A Queer Slam

June 8-9 – Capturing Fire 2018 – Washington D.C. (flight & hotel already booked) 

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