I Dig Editing

The extra rough draft is ready! At over 111,000 words it better be ready as I prepare to start the cutting, shaping, scraping & making sure the spelling is consistent. That’s right I’m ready to edit Coal Dusters to start blogging it in a couple of months. Step one was to assemble all the sections that I had written way back in 2012, 2013. Most of which I haven’t seen since first writing them. Only a few of which have even had a typo edit.

The plan is to go through each of the 50 sections – make an outline & notes of what happens in each section to fit it into a timeline. In my past novels I found I had too much happening in one day or even one week. My notes will also include things like hair colour etc to make sure no one goes from red-head to brown. Same with injuries.

I’m not sure what to call the novel. The basic plot is two miners in love with each other against the backdrop of the bitter strike in mid-20’s. Coal Dusters is a working title but I’m not sure how good that is – it doesn’t reveal much – perhaps with the right graphic it will work though – two guys stripped to the waist, so covered in coal dust only their are really visible.

I’m hoping that as I edit, & rewrite, something will come to me that conveys more than Coal Dusters. The original title was ‘The Priest’s Niece’ – as the novel follows two story lines – Birk & Clancy’s friendship & Lillian – banished by her Boston family to live with her priest uncle in Cape Breton. I love the sonics of Priest’s Niece – but in a workshop it was found to be too ‘bee’s knees.’ ‘Love In The Pits’ is too comic, as is ‘I Dig You.’


I was taking a leak in a bar washroom

there was a message on the wall

‘for better bj than jesus call ….’

the cynic in me was mildly amused

as I sanitized my hands

the theological implications

started to reveal themselves to me

I knew Christ did miracles

but that wasn’t one that I recalled

though I have had some amazing bj’s

that give me a reason to go on living

but that JC might’ve be into that

had never crossed my mind

it did put that whole last supper

command ‘take and eat’

into a completely different light

I saw how sacrilegious the graffiti was

the deep disrespect it showed the sacred

would these thoughts result

in my condemnation to eternal damnation

was I as bad the person who wrote this

or am I a jaded indifferent observer

with no real faith or direction

someone to whom a blow job

is more significant than salvation

should I have called the number

or does it matter

what apparition appears in front of anyone

as long as it makes them think of faith




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