Real Writing

Not as deep into the edit mine of Coal Dusters as I had hoped – odd how people you haven’t heard from in months want to get together the week I started serious editing work. They always pick the time I’ve set aside for editing as the only times they are free & never say ‘I hope that’s a good time for you.’ or they’ll say okay see when you can & we’ll talk about your novel.” Of course when, & if, we do meet, all they want to talk about is their novel, or rather how hard it is to promote their novel & how they wish they had as much ‘free’ time as I do to do some real writing. Clearly because I’m not going the traditional publisher route I’m not doing any real writing.

The edits are, so far, pretty easy. Cut here & there with expansions here & there too so its getting longer as opposed to shorter. I’m being aware of things like keeping the use language suitable to the period. There’ll be no one saying ‘as if’ or ‘get over it.’ I’m also aware of my characters education levels, of their class a sit relates to language & even sentence structure.

I did some research by reading some of the big novels of the time to see how those writers dealt with dialogue. The more educated the the more elevated. I‘m avoiding swearing too. When I saw the Gangs of New York I didn’t believe the constant use of ‘fuck.’ Not that it wasn’t used but … so my guys will be swearing in Gaelic. Gaelic was used more frequently then anyway but I’m not going to go full accuracy just enough to give the flavour.

It’s been comfortable & comforting to slip back into this world that I created. I’ve enjoyed adding descriptive details – smells, fabric, colour – to bring the story even more to life for the readers. I have to admit I love the names as well. Birk, Clancy, Lillian, Red Mac, Blackie – they all ring real even though Birk is a total fabrication on my part. Better go – my characters are calling me 🙂

Wild Desire

the subway is crowded for two stops

then clears    seats available  I sit

iPod playlist ends   time for a new one

making that all important decision

a man sits beside me

I only spare him a glance

intent on that playlist   then my book

my transit guardian angels


the man stops my hand

before I can push in

sound suppressing ear buds

he says – I love you

just what I need some religious freak

who thinks I need to be saved

I push the buds in

he pulls them out

I look around

does anyone see this assault

there something about your face

I want to get to know you


he wasn’t that bad looking

I like a man who needs a shave

he smelled good too

sorry I’m not ...

you think you are too good for me

it’s not that but …

you think I’m too young

maybe I don’t have a job

get to know me

you want me in your life


his gaze held mine

I was afraid he was going to kiss me

I glanced around again

people buried behind newspapers  sleeping

I love you

I love that searching look in your eyes

you won’t regret it – take a chance

don’t you find me appealing

how can I tell with you so close

but you want me close to you don’t you

you want me


the car crowded again

I stood for the next stop

even though it wasn’t mine

he got up with me

we were pushed out

to the platform

he went into the crowd


I stepped back into the car

the doors closed


I get off alone at my stop


from wild desire


HotDamn! It’s A Queer Slam

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