Gym Bodies

Disability After Dark returned after a hiatus with two podcast – a clear demonstration that Andrew Gurza does in fact like to come twice when he can 🙂 One is about gym life and the other explores kink. In reality both, to me, involve being confined to some machine and made to sweat in fancy gear. Personal trainers sure make tough dominants eager to show one the ropes.

The image of healthy male fitness always includes sunlight gently warming a six pack. Though everyone I know, even those six-pack packers, want to lose at least another 5 to10 lbs. to be happy. What then? Stop going the gym? This cultural drive for the ideal male body is impossible to escape. One of my tumblr feeds frequently features Middle East bodybuilders, wrestlers – so this drive for ideal body is not just a North American fixation.

I’ve never been to a gym in my life. From Andrew’s description of his experiences & expectations I don’t feel like I’m missing anything. His fantasy of it being an inviting place for working out & cruising come directly from porn not reality. Not that cruising doesn’t happen but usually that hot guy hanging around while one is working out is waiting for you to finish with the piece of equipment you are using not waiting around to use your equipment.



As much as I find fit, toned men attractive I’m more attracted by men who are comfortable with their bodies as opposed those who seem constantly unhappy and needing to lose their birth weight to be happy. Kink will have to wait for another week.


Lorca’s Bones

they’re looking for Lorca’s body

in a mass grave

sorting the bones of wrongfully dead

for the right white bones of the poet

will they give him a proper burial

will they piece the bones together

parade them through the streets

give them their own reality show

Lorca – Remains To be Seen

make jewelry – Lorca lockets

the sacred relics of the poet


they’re looking for Lorca’s remains

sifting thousands of fragments

with traces of his dna to test

did they have a poem written

the blood of the poet

lifted with modern forensics


they’re are digging for Lorca’s remains

near the olive trees

bones hair toenails

what will be left after all these years

scraps of his clothing

his handkerchief to put over his face

the two bullets

in the arse because he was queer


a mass grave of men herded

by the fascist militia

shot in the back

they knew who he was

some intellectual queer

whose words weren’t enough to save him

a poem can stop a bullet but not death


he couldn’t live for ever

doomed as we are all doomed

the brilliant brain not enough to evade

to avoid the mass grave

in some ditch


they are digging fields for Lorca’s bones

but they’ll never find them

they are buried in my bones

in yours

in every poet who has bled


HotDamn! It’s A Queer Slam

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