Thine Is Not Mine


Working through the  227 Rules For Monks. Who knew the simple life could be so complex. This #4 of the 92 pācittiyas.

Thine Is Not Mine

they stood

all twenty or so

joined hands

to make a ragged circle

of connection
they prayed aloud

in unison

the lord’s prayer

a fellowship of grace

that I believe is genuine


as they stood

I stepped aside

hands behind my back

as they prayed

I remained silent


the holding of hands

is forced conformity

a kind of automatic

social codependency of inclusion

as much as I enjoy acceptance

of being a part of

it’s going to be on my worth

not on my compliance

I am present for spiritual connection

not physical

I remain silent

during the our father

partially out of respect

for those who do believe

what I don’t believe


partially because

of the context of that prayer

the history of

the controlling monolith of dogma

a greed driven

control fuelled

relentless remorseless fire

that judged what it didn’t understand

as evil

a cultural genocide of disease

military power & might


I’m not going to say

your pointless prayer

just be grateful

I hold my tongue

& not your hand

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