More More More Garbage

Moving along the shelf brings me to G starting with Garbage. I have in a pair of mp3 collections: 1, Version 2.0, Beautiful Garbage, Platinum Collection 2000, Bleed Like Me, Absolute Greatest Hits. At one time I had the first two as stand-alone’s my replaced them with mp3. This is a solid pop/rock band – similar to The Eurythmics: female lead singers with male guitarist writer – though I suspect Annie Lennox had more creative input than Shirley Manson & she also has a more emotionally compelling voice. It’s ‘Only Happy When it Rains’ verses “Here Comes That Rain Again.”

I liked those first two lps & enjoyed the ironic sardonic play of the lyrics. Shirley is a fine pop singer too but they didn’t get me. Their sound was crispy but not that distinctive. I lost interest after Version 2.0. The bad itself went though creative changes too. The other two lps are solid but more of the same. Collection 2000 are singles & movie songs that didn’t make to their ‘real’ lps, Hits is just that with alternative remixes of a few tracks.

To round out these two cd’s I did my usual historical sweep focusing mainly on female vocalists. There’s some Amanda Lear: I Am A Photograph, Sweet Revenge – Amanda has a gruff voice – male or female? Which is a part of Amanda’s appeal. The music is disco but the writing is experimental & fun & sexual. More true to disco is Andrea True Connection: More More More. This is fun stuff that brings back dancing days memories though at the time I couldn’t stand them.

Here too is Joss Stone: Lp 1 – an amazing voice & great material too. This started her career and the momentum kept up. More when I get ’s’. Now I step back to pioneers. Christine Perfect; self named lps from 1970 – reflects her time with Chicken Shack – more bluesy that she was with Fleetwood Mac but one can hear her influence on that band’s later sound. A sweet if not powerful voice this is relaxing & sort of romantic music.

The opposite is true of The Pretenders: Last of the Independents. Chrissie Hynde is a force of nature. This lp is for 1994 but could be released tomorrow & sound as fresh. Her influence on female pop cannot be denied. So I added Hole’s Celebrity Skin to this collection. Powerful brash angry & great fun. Too bad the pop machine chewed up Courtney Love. She needed a bit more of Hynde’s toughness.

Finally a pair of mid career Laura Nyro’s Smile, Nested. I’ve he’d these on Lp, as cassettes. These are sweet, emotionally rich, and romantically soothing albums. Not as bombastic as her early work and well worth searching out. Laura Nyro was a genius.

Upon A Time

Grandma Hubbard squinted at the clock.

Where was that girl?

Useless thing she turned out to be. Why I ever let her daughter marry that wood cutter I’ll never know. Common that man. Jack was just plain common and there was simply no way around that. But the wood does keep my little cottage warm. Can’t argue with that but still, common is common and no amount of wood would ever make up for that common streak.

Common. Common. Common. The clock ticked on the word.

Where was that girl?

After all I made her that riding cloak so she could take the walk here, keep her warm and make her look good. Never saw such a piece of work that that cloak. Such a rich deep red. Never see its like again would they. But it didn’t seem to do much for that girl. What was her name? Once was a time I knew her name but now all she is Little Red Riding Hood. Easy to remember.

An old woman like myself doesn’t have time to remember all the time I have to remember. It just slips down and away like the ticks of the clock. Each tick gone and never to be heard again.

Grandma Hubbard got off her bed and paced to the window. A lovely day. Ah yes. Haven’t seen one better since yesterday. She laughed to herself. She went back to the bed and sat on it.

Where was that girl?

It near lunch time and I’m feeling peckish. Sustenance was on its way or had better be. That ungrateful Mabel better have sent along some of that bread.

The cupboards here were bare. Always bare. Never enough food for more than a day. What where they afraid of? That I’d eat too much and get big and strong like I once was. Yes, that was it. Their plot to keep her a weak and foolish old woman just to get her gold. Her precious gold. Where was´ that gold? Where had she hidden it? Behind the mirror?

‘Foolish woman there is no gold. You know that.’ the mirror answered. ‘Just your old face. You’re getting old by the second. Older and older.’

She turned from the mirror.

Where was that girl?

Something, anyone. Why didn’t they let me live with them in their cottage. It was big enough. Bigger than this little one I’m in. Why can’t I just leave. Yes, I can go out and never come back. Run through the woods and be free. I’m old enough to be free. I deserved it.

All this waiting around for the kindness of others wasn’t what I was cut for. Free. I have to be free of all this. She wrapped a shawl around her shoulders and opened the door.

‘Gruff. Groowl.’ The wolf was there.

‘Why! if it isn’t my little doggie. Where have you been? I’ve missed you so much. Come in come in.’

The wolf leapt for her throat.


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