The Right Entrance


Working through the  227 Rules For Monks. Who knew the simple life could be so complex. This #4 of the 92 pācittiyas.

The Right Entrance

the girls

had their own school

a Catholic separate school

we’re talking 60’s – 70’s

Cape Breton


I don’t know if there was one

for Catholic boys

but the girls had their own

to protect them

from the unruly attentions of boys


schools I went to were mixed

but there was

boys manual training

girls domestic science

separate entrances for boys for girls

mixed classes

but boys gym

girls gym

the best way to control

those masculine urges

was segregation


guys who got laid were men

girls you got laid were easy

girls who didn’t weren’t teases

guys who didn’t

bragged about doing it

or salivated endless about pussy


because they were men

never once


was there a sense

that the guys were in the wrong

it was only the girls who need to be protected

guys weren’t taught

to think differently

in fact

we were encouraged

to get a little

get laid

get into her panties







this was masculine prerogative


a natural urge

that resented any attempt

to curb it

do you want your sons

to grow up to be fags

yeah sure

free and easy access

to pussy

is the cure for queer


yet I grew up

gay queer a fag

full of fear

while sure of who I was

& what I wanted to have sex with

I tried dating

getting a little

getting a little wasn’t enough

to cure me of anything

but I did learn

how to use the right entrance

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