Relax – Keep On Dancin’

Gary’s Gang’s Keep On Dancin’ kicks off an mp3 collection of, you guessed it, disco. This is a cd that is full of great, delightful memory for me. Memories of when I moved to Toronto way back in 1979. Disrespected by the rock press this music has more resonance in my life than say, John Cougar Mellencamp – who was also big at the time.

Much of this is funkified jazz. Bouncy & in some cases insanely catchy. I had Gary as an lp & like many disco lps it was mixed like a party. High energy & all the tracks are great. I’m still not sure they were real or just a studio band but it is fun.

Instant Funk: The Anthology is a real band. I remember the lp cover of these shirtless, well-toned black men so hot they needed to surrounded by ice to cool down. More of that jazz funky stuff, standard let’s dance lyrics. Like so many though they didn’t move past the dance floor. They are fun sex music too.

M People: The Best Of – I picked this up as it was the only release I found that had their amazing take on the Small Face’s Itchycoo Park. Dance music, meets the 60’s, with great flute & that voice. More about M People when I move on up to M. Disco Motion: Various i.e: Fly Robin Fly, Rock Your Baby; Hot Nights City Lights: Various i.e: I Love The Night Life, Boogie Woogie Dancin’ Shoes. These two compilations are like walking up the stairs to an all night disco crammed with sweaty bodies. Some cuts make me want to dance & others bore the hell out of me – just like the old days. Without the distractions of bodies, smoke, people shouting some of these tracks are beautifully engineered. Disco saved the string section for sure.

Finally – disco it wasn’t all funk & games. Dance, music, politics were put together by Frankie Goes To Hollywood: Reload! the 12 inch remixes. Relax was a game changer with direct queer sexual content that propelled this band beyond the dance floor. Two Tribes was a brilliant piece of work. I had the original 2 lp release but got it bogged down in the concept – it felt stretched out & unfulfilled. But this set of remixes is perfect. Sadly Frankie disappeared promptly after this in a haze of artistic differences. Making great dance music just wasn’t enough.


The Khalif took the key from the lock. ‘This door is never to opened.’

He put the key in the pocket of his silk robe. ‘You all have heard this?’

‘Yes, masab. Yes.’ his minions muttered and bowed.

Shalifa, his new wife, shook her head. ‘No.’

‘If you love me sweet tender Shalifa you will heed my words. No one, under any circumstance is to go into that chamber again.’

Shalifa was puzzled. Why would her husband choose to lock the broom closet? How would the palace be cleaned?

‘But …’ she began.

‘I brook no insubordination from anyone.’ He took her hand and kissed the tips of her fingers. ‘You do love me my wildest treasure.’

‘Yes my husband I will obey thy command. But …’

‘I know, a woman is naturally curious. Do not fret your head with such matters when there are more vital matters of state for us to consider. The war with the Infideltas is escalating. I need your advise on such matters.’

‘Thank you my husband.’

Shalifa walked beside him into the war room. On the table in the centre of the room was an exact model of the surrounding hills and sea coast. All she could see  was the litter of papers on the floor. Was all this not to be cleared out? She nodded curtly to one of the servants.

‘Yes madam?’

‘Please clear this litter away. I find it hard to think of war with such underfoot.’ she commanded.

The servant fell to his knees and began picking up the various papers, discarded models of planes, boats and weapons that had been shoved off the table.

‘Wife what are you doing?’ the Khalif forced the servant to his feet.

‘Husband am I not to allowed to give a simple order without you questioning me?’

‘No my rarest cloud …’

‘I did not question why you locked the broom closet did I? Then show me the same love and respect.’

‘Treasure of the North, I see you have not become accustomed to our ways. These,’ the Khalif shoved the papers on the floor with the toe of his gold leafed sandal, ‘are trifles. A nothing that deserves only to be ground and crushed under foot.’

‘Under your foot perhaps, but not mine. I did not marry you to become a woman who tramples garbage underfoot. These feet must touch the only the pure clean white basalt of the floor and not the tiny tedious pieces of discard you have tossed there.’

‘Ohh you are a fiery one my peacock dancer. I see that I must obey this wish if …’

‘Yes if you wish me to obey you.’

‘As you wish my sweet. The perfumes of the night shall be spread once the floor is cleared. All will be made to your liking. But now pray tell what shall we do. The rebel forces have captured the east granaries.’


March 8, Thursday – Hot Damn! It’s A Queer Slam Workshop: 4 pm at Glad Day with D’Scribe.

March 8, Thursday – Hot Damn! It’s A Queer Slam Slam: 8 pm Buddies In Bad Times Theatre Feature D’Scribe

HotDamn! It’s A Queer Slam

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