To Dust

To Dust

this sacred site

is in our way

it isn’t sacred to us

your infantile regressive

belief system

will not stand in the way

of our profit line

a profit line that doesn’t respect

the sand you’ve drawn yours in


please protest

the publicity is good for us

who won’t put up

with your emotional blackmail

your sacred temple has served it purpose

we will obliterate

your temples churches mosques libraries

loot the tombs the museums

sell your sacred relics

to the highest bidder

because if they have no monetary value

they are worthless receptacles

of superstitious weakness


all these walls

will coming tumbling down

the bigger the more dust

nothing lasts

why preserve these frail mementos

make way for money

for might


faith needs no vessel

only your heart is sacred

for as long as it beats

when it stops

you too become worthless

to be ground to dust

What price progress? Who gets to decide what has value – the ones who make money or the ones who treasure what they have. I watched a great documentary series “Digging Britain” -in one segment highway construction was delayed while archaeologists studied an pre-Roman village road graders revealed. This was history that had to be reclaimed & preserved in some way.

While in the US & Canada oil pipelines are pushed through sacred sites with military protection because the profit margin trumped the sacred. This sort of cultural genocide goes on & has for centuries. It’s not as if the British showed the same respect for their African colonies pre-Roman sites. Foolish natives with their infantile regressive belief systems should be grateful to embrace progress.

Not to forget how the Egyptian tombs were pillaged, shipped off to museums around the world or sold to private collectors. Native American religious artifacts become darling knick-knacks that compete this room perfectly. Spanish conquest of South America deliberately destroyed records of non-Christian cultures to prove that these cultures were so underdeveloped they didn’t have written records.



What this piece is about is pretty clear. Even the minds behind progress will be eventually ground to dust by even more progressive conquerers.


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