Gene Genesis

Now for some pop G whizzes 🙂 first a pair of Gene Loves Jezebel stand-alones: Discover, Kiss of Life – yes, I’m talking late 80’s. I picked these up in early 90’s though – 2nd hand at a nearby used cd/lp/book store that has been gone for decades now. I probably paid a couple of bucks each for these. I know nothing about the band or what became of the members of it since then.

The band’s look is classic near-glam – fussy hair, eye-liner of the moment; the music is great, soaring guitar, emotive lyrics about love & loneliness. I love the song Kiss Of Life & have held on to these mainly because of it. I do like hearing them when they rotate next in my play cycle. Superb rock pop.

Next is a band that is nearly everyone’s favourite: Genesis. I have the stand alone of the Mama cd. The cd is actually untitled. I am a prog-rock fan but I never really took to Genesis’s prog-rock years. I’ve heard, even owned, various lps: Lamb Lies Down, Selling England by the Pound & those lps never really grabbed me enough to keep them. I suppose I’m just to shallow to be a true fan. I really enjoy Peter Gabriel’s work when he left the band. He never did hit the emotional rawness that Phil Collins sometimes brought to his singing.

But when Unnamed was released the highly commercial sound pulled me in. Maybe it was the engineering. The videos sure helped sell it too. This was when MuchMusic was a musical force to be reckoned with, instead of the tedious The Big Bang Theory rebroadcaster it has become. This is a great, classic album now, up there with Fleetwood Mac, for capturing a sense of time while still being musically interesting. Gotta go – time to give it a listen 🙂

‘It’s Alive!’

‘It’s alive!’

‘Of course.’

‘You know what this means don’t you.’

Like all the other geneticists working on the project, Daffid Frankin knew exactly what it meant. Success. They had succeeded. The reward would be theirs.

‘It’s dead!’

‘What” he nudged his assistant Gordie aside.

‘No need to get pushy Daffid. I have as much a right …’

‘Quit yer blathering man. It can’t be dead.’

‘Tell that to the rabbit.’

Gordie was right, it was dead.

‘It was alive a few minutes though. Wasn’t it?’

‘It wasn’t long enough for us to tell much more than it was alive.’

‘Damn. We were so close that time.’

‘Perhaps …’

‘Perhaps what?’

‘I mean … I just wonder if it’s time to try some other avenue of …’

‘Oh Gordie would please stop. I know you just want to try your theories out but till we’ve exhausted this one – this one is the one we’ll work on. My idea! It is my idea and I know it will be the one to bring life to the dead.’

‘Yes yes Daffid. I know that and we certainly have a good stock of the dead to work on don’t we?’

‘Bring in the next carcass.’

‘Next carcass? Aren’t we going to check the blood spectrometer first?’


‘What about the serum quasie-fillibrators.’

‘That would be pointless.’

‘At least the cerebellum particle enhancer.’

‘That hasn’t helped us so far.’

‘The filter needs to be reconfigured. A simple task.’

‘Then reconfigure the damned thing and while you are at it bring me ıanother cup of coffee.’

‘I’m a brain surgeon not a gofer.’

‘Did you check the readings on the the dialytical frequencer. If those are off even .002 in either direction we’re screwed.’

‘When did we start using the dialytical frequencer?’

‘We have been all along.’

‘Are you sure? I don’t remember checking those focus points. Ever.’



‘Then no wonder it’s dead. You’ve been screwing things up from the very start. Haven’t you? Is this your petty little revenge for not getting to try out your pathetic theories of cellular reanimation. You have been deliberately attempting to sabotage my project from the very start. Haven’t you?’ Frankin advanced toward Gordie, a laser scalpel pointed at Gordie’s heart.


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