Don’t Laugh


Don’t Laugh

don’t laugh

if I say your body

is a temple of love

I’m not saying my whole world

turns around you

or turns around the body

of any man


I’m not seeking confirmation

agreement or even approval

of what I say

about your body

holding it in my arms

as I feel you pull them

closer around you

that touch of flesh

that tentative kiss

are all rituals forms

without them

others I may encounter

aren’t as sacred


don’t laugh

I know how corny

romantic this sounds

the images are as stale as

communion wafer

take and eat

for this is my body


what harm is there

in not being original every time

I say something about your body

your tongue

the ride to satisfaction

each time you arrive

I build this moment

add to this memory

that I can retreat to

when you aren’t here

not to worship

but to reflect upon

Occasionally I write something so romantic it is hard to admit that I am in fact such a romantic. It’s easy for me to share in-your-pants raunch but to write a piece so direct, sexy (without being explicit) &  kind of silly is almost fresh. The saṃghādisesas is about building a monastery so the jump to a temple isn’t such a big one.

Guys I see often have body-image issues to the degree that if I say how much I like their body they are embarrassed or react as if I’m saying nice things to get my way, or to thank them for letting them get their way but as the piece states: I’m not seeking confirmation  agreement   or even approval. I’m just stating a fact so they don’t think there’s only one or two body parts I’m interested in.

The tentative kiss is a reference to an actual person (see The Mindful Kiss I doubt if I would go as far as to tell anyone their ‘body is a temple of love’ because that sort of imagery as compliment has become so trite as to be a joke & not at all sincere. To tell someone you love their body is as far as we usually go. That florid romantic poetry stuff is lost in this age of irony.


I had fun writing this piece & didn’t have to work hard at it either. It wrote itself when I surrendered to the temple of love. A surrender that I have no regret in making, either in this piece, or when I have that actual temple in front of me.

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