it is clear

that I misunderstood

your intentions

read something into your intonation

when you said

‘they don’t deserve to live

the Bible tells me so

my right as a normal male

means I am not bound

by any man-made law

that goes against

my authentic self’


I didn’t realize

you were joking

that when I repeated what you said

by taking it out of context

I had made you appear

to be a racist sexist bigot

some of my best friends are racists

I may not approve their life style

but they have every right to be who they are

just as you do

I didn’t judge

your statements

it’s not my intention

to cast them in a negative light

I merely reposted them

to make others aware of them

that others

took umbrage

is a consequence beyond my ability

to contain

defend or reverse


I understand

you were iterating

the well founded grounded logic

appropriately permitted

tenets of those around you

you have the printed parchment proof

and besides

you really didn’t say that

the dash board cam was faulty

the TV crew was manipulating you

the statement you published

wasn’t written by you

so it is my fault

for relating it verbatim

it wasn’t meant for the general public

who were watching the national broadcast

only for those already in agreement with you

accept my apology

for misrepresenting your statements

by repeating them


There is no such thing as unbiased news. We get sensationalized reports of select current events. News is entertainment & as real as The Simpsons. I watched a documentary about Elián González (he grew up to be quite a hottie btw). When he was returned to Cuba, & grown up enough to have a voice of his own, in which he embraced the Cuban political system, his Miami relatives said he was brain washed. Clearly his rejection of the American dream they wanted him to embrace made him brain washed. Perhaps his American dream didn’t include getting shot in an high school massacre.

But I digress – this piece is another take on my jaded  opinion of the news. I was thinking of the Rodney King trial in which that video of his ‘take down’ by the police was played in the slowest possible way to be interpreted properly. Each twitch of pain as he was being beaten was actually him resisting arrest. You know, on first glance I did not see that.

Now the president of the USA makes statements in press conferences that the next day he denies ever having said. Or, as many a political does, says that wasn’t what he meant, that he mis-spoke, that he is now being misquoted. We’re taking it the wrong way so the fault is clearly ours & making him culpable for his remarks or actions is envy. We are haters who resent his power.

There is also an echo here of how Scripture is used to justify anything. To question that is to be anti-religion & unwilling to listen to reason. I’m no biblical scholar so if someone can point out the sections that refer to school massacres as the actions of the righteous I’ll be pleased to give it further study.

As you might gather I no longer read newspapers, no longer watch TV news to keep up on current events. I’m one of those who opts not to chose sides when both sides are clearly right. No, that’s a lie. I have taken a side & do what I can to be supportive to what is relevant to my insular life. I avoid high schools.

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