Not Twins

Not Twins 

no one could believe their eyes


it was if the likes of this

had never happened before

two people arrived

wearing almost the same thing

same colour same garments

different cuts

claiming they didn’t know

what each other was planning to wear

they didn’t go to the same designers

they didn’t plan to arrive

within minutes of each other

they aren’t sleeping together

they didn’t have the same ideas

at the same time

they aren’t embarrassed at all

didn’t mean

to pull attention for the others


isn’t not a sin

to be so similar

being original

isn’t all it’s cracked up to be anyway

no they’ve never met before now

they aren’t interested in meeting

or being photographed together

different agendas

different lives styles


understand this

absolutely nothing in common

please stop using our names

in the same sentence

we don’t agree on anything


except of course

these coincidentally similar outfits

I watch Project Runway in all its variations. If I never see another pencil skirt come down the runway I’ll be fine. The push on this show is to be fashion forward, create new silhouettes, innovation. For women. Rarely is the challenge to make something fashion forward for men. In fact the few times men’s wear has been asked for the designers have panicked at thought of making pants.

Oddly several of 227 Rules for Monks deal directly with fashion, cloth, & who can actually make your clothes. Some will only wear Lacroix – just kidding. But to be honest even with minor variations I couldn’t tell one monk’s robes from the next. It a uniform of conformity & utility. Which is what all clothing is intended to be.

We live in a culture where personality is easily defined, displayed and promoted with fashion. Even non-conformists wear uniforms – if your don’t dress to fit in with the people who dress not to fit in, you’ll never fit in. Clothes define class, elitism, race, weather.

This piece springs from a real incident in which two female semi-celebs arrived separately at an event dressed identically. If it weren’t for hairstyles they could have been twins. Once it was clear neither knew what the other was wearing they were brought together on camera, I guess I hopes of seeing would be the most embarrassed. The semi-star who was the lesser of the two killed themselves the next day out of shame – just joking.


No one sought out & brought together the dozen of male stars who showed up in nearly identically banal tuxes. Though one man was singled out for being a little outré for his lack of a neck tie. I can’t remember the last time I wore a neck tie 🙂 But if you show up wearing the same outfit I’m wearing it’s not an embarrassment merely proof of your taste.


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