Our Song

Our Song

It was a mistake 

to look at his music collection

I just prayed 

that none of it would be used

as background music 

tastes I don’t share

don’t care to share 

his love of musicians

of song writers

I can not take seriously

safe banal tepid stuff

so middle-of-the-road

I’d want to hit the next telephone pole

rather than listen to this music


it came as a bit of a surprise

as we were compatible 

in so many other ways 

he asked me what I thought

was there something I’d like to hear

this is his favourite

am I familiar with it

and I said yes but let’s not bother

we don’t need distractions

which he agreed was a wise choice


I didn’t offer any opinion

didn’t denigrate his taste

or rather the lack thereof

I wasn’t there for music appreciation 

I didn’t intend to let anything



from the momentum of the opportunity

Anyone who follows my blog knows my love of music. Check out my Monday posts where I’ve been discussing my music collection – pop, classical, jazz & beyond. I like so much music one might conclude I have no discernment. As this piece reveals I do have preferences that can affect my emotional response to people, places & opportunity.


This piece is based on actual experiences. More than once I have glanced as someone’s wall of cds & lost my interest in them – you know industrial grind is good for 3 minutes, thank you. Ditto death metal. Though I was as surprised to meet gay men into those genres, I wasn’t about to invite that as mood music for making out. When I tell someone I like jazz and they offer me Kenny G I know it’s time to move on.



I have not pursued some non-sexual friendships based on music taste as well. I believe that music reflects something about the person & what some music reflects to me a red flag. If I’m not into it I’m not going to subject myself to it just to get along.



But I’m not a music taste educator either, if you want education read about what I enjoy my Monday blogs. My primary purpose in most situations in to be present & if it is sexual, to participate & if the music is too loud, or distracting I’ll opt for silence. I have walked in & out of restaurants if the music isn’t what I want to listen to while I’m eating. If the music isn’t something I want to listen to while being eaten I’ll ask for it to be changed without saying turn off that fucking awful music. 

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