Khachaturian & Debussy


My introduction to Aram Khachaturian was an MHS lp of his piano concerto. Russian romanic & emotional. I later added, thanks to merge of my collection with my partner’s, his sprawling 4 lp Spartacus ballet suite (some of which was included in the film soundtrack). The ballet suite I now have as an lp to cd transfer that covers 3 cds. The music is interesting enough but without the actual ballet loses a little of it emotional directness.

To round the 3rd cd out I added some of Max Steiner’s music for King Kong (sublime & fun); some orchestral Gershwin; and Penderecki’s music from the Shining. All have movie contexts. Else where I have the entire King Kong music & even without the film it is dramatic & engaging.

More recently I added some new to me Khachaturian to an mp3 collection that includes his Masquerade & Battle of Stalingrad Suites. I’ve been expanding my collection with more by composers of whom I only have one or two big hits by. These addition works are Soviet modernism & are pleasant with some patriotic swelling to body them up.

 Also on this mp3 cd is Claude Debussy’s Complete Orchestral Works as performed conducted Jean Martinon. I had some of these as lps on Philips label. It was an 8 lp series that I began on the east coast but never did complete. I had some these also on MHS & imagine my pleasure at getting the whole set for $9.99 on iTunes. LaMer is the pinnacle of imagist music but everything else is a delight as well. Now historic recordings they are as good sonically as any recently released. 


Judy walked along the viaduct, up and over the bridge. She had walked this way many times in grade school. Life was so much simpler then. No one making life impossible. She couldn’t figure out what she had done to those girls. She had never seen them till that day when they stopped her at lunch to tell her to stay out of their end of the cafeteria, to stay out of their sight.

At the top of the bridge she looked down to the dirty, shallow water that ran underneath. One year after a heavy rain there was a dog stuck on the grill. Dead and bloated. Ugh.

She went to the grade school yard. It was fenced in. Signs said ‘No entry after school hours.’ She pulled the skip rope out of her coat pocket. She remembered when she got it – bright red and yellow – real nylon cord in a twist like a snake. The first few times she used it got dirty and that wouldn’t do. She wanted it clean and perfect.

She skipped with it. Swinging it smooth and easy. If only she could skip back to those years, skip back in time but she couldn’t. She stopped and headed home. She had to make sure dinner was ready. Tonight was her turn. Tomorrow night would be her turn too.

If only she could sneak up on those girls and get this rope around their dirty necks she could give it a tug and kill them before they killed her. They would. She knew that. One of them had a knife. Jabbed at her after school.

‘You’ll be seeing more of this very soon.’ The others two laughed. 

There had been kids around when that happened. They laughed too. No one cared. So she laughed too.

‘What you laughing at bitch.’

She got away as fast as she could then. Better to run and hide than face them. She couldn’t face up to them any way. She couldn’t tell. The last kid who ratted had to leave the school when the kid he told on was let back into the class.

No she’d get them with the rope and fix them. She’d written it all out for her Mom so when it was done  she would understand. It wasn’t her Mom’s fault. No one’s fault.

She stood at the bridge again. One handle of the rope slipped around the steel rail fast and tight. The other fit through a quick slip knot and the loop was big enough for her head. Yes, she’d be free of them once and for all. She stepped on the parapet. Posed a moment and jumped into the air. Fell.

The rope held, knots tightened. A grinding snap.


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