Safe Landing DC 2018 Day 1

I must be getting used to flying to DC because this year the airport security stuff was pretty easy – my long term memory is actually working, if though I was up at 5 a.m. to get to the airport in time. The only snag, if I can call it that, was paying for my suitcase when checking it in – the automated machine wouldn’t take either of my cards 😦 so I had to do via American Airlines counter service. Debit card was the issue.

No long waits other than the one to check in my bag – one clerk and fifteen passengers lined up. Washrooms found successfully. Departure lounge had some pleasant eye candy. It was a walk to the plane. a row of single seats on one side & a row of two on the other. Room in the overhead for my large carry on & room under the seat for my shoulder bag. Just enough room in the seat for my ass.

Smooth flight, bus the Regan terminal, suitcase hits the carousel, taxi jumped into & to the hotel by 1 pm. I wasn’t expecting to get there until 2. flight was faster & no delays anywhere. Hotel getting some reno so side entrance. room not ready so left luggage & did a bit of walking. forgot camera though 😦 Lunch at Brick Lane on 17th. nice to relax in a/c with unhurried service. Next stop Safeways for breakfast stuff: kiwis etc & some disposable dinner ware. Back to hotel.Up for room. Called home. Contacted my few DC contacts & set up supper with one of them.

Unpacked, relaxed, discovered I forgot to pack computer cable for my Fuji, luckily I have a back up with my other camera so there will be lots of photos. rested. Showered. Dinner date arrived at 6. Perfection – what can I say that doesn’t sound like bragging 🙂 we finally get to Pizzeria Paradiso at 7:30 on P just around the corner from the Fairfax. Dinner date works at Library of Congress & has promised a personal tour. A full day & I’m glad to be hitting the sack a little early. Maybe I’ll dream of what I’ll do tomorrow: the Zoo or the Library 🙂

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