The Sadness Zoo

One day 2 – I slept in to 6 a.m.! The room was quiet & the bed comfortable as I had unmade it properly the night before. Checked email, ate my ‘healthy’ breakfast: yogurt with kiwi; milk & cereal; juice & tea. some meditation, readings, washed up & out to Dupont Circle club for a morning meeting. Back to The Fairfax for sunblock. Found that, despite my instructions on check in – my bed had been made. All I ask is to leave the bed unmade – why is that so difficult for them to understand. I called the front desk & made that request again. But I digress 🙂

Walked up and up and up Connecticut to the Smithsonian National Zoo. Sprawling and nicely organized &, gasp, crawling with children & tour groups. Paths were well marked & everything was inviting. No one seems to realize that many animals sleep in the day so many where there but hard to see in the shady comfort of their shelters.

I had no agenda – ooh I have to see the …. It was interesting enough to see zebras, gnus & such. The elephant habitat had Indian, African & Asian elephants. I got a few okay pics. I went through the ‘small mammal’ house & the kids were imitating the lion something monkeys that pop their heads out of their houses to stare at people staring at them. Reptile House was not that creepy – snakes, lizards, turtles, alligators, crocodiles. I didn’t know there were Philippine crocodiles. 

The orangutang, gorillas & other monkeys have their own ‘house.’  This is were the sadness of the zoo was most apparent to me. These animals were lifeless or belligerent and far from content. They were too unhappy for me too want to photograph them. I wondered if this was true of the bison, the zebras that were in captivity here. They weren’t merely, for the most part, docile but were clearly depressed.

Stopped at the endangered species carousel for a snack & water & some pictures of the carousel. After two hours I’d had enough sad animals so skipped the seal, the pandas, & the big cats. After buying some tee-shirts (which made me happy) I headed back to the Fairfax to relax in the cage I was paying for.

More Picture of my Visit to the Zoo

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