Up A DC Escalator

It was a dark and overcast morning with light rain which was a pleasant change (for me) from the oppressive humidity since I arrived in DC. Plus I finally got to use the raincoat I packed. Stuck to my morning routine, using up the breakfast food I’d bought. Maybe I’ll do a blog post on ‘how I travel.’ Hit the 9:30 Dupont meeting: topic was defiance – I realized I’m still defiant in some settings i.e. opting for ‘it’ as a pronoun.

After the meeting I went directly to Ted’s Bulletin to avoid the lunch rush. Took a pile more of photos: as if don’t have enough already 🙂 No seating issue this time. Ordered the Big Breakfast, enjoyed the pot of coffee, totally lusted for the waiter. Took more photos. Directly back to the hotel for a bathroom break & wondered what to do next.

Onto the metro & down (I think it was down as I still don’t know downtown from uptown in DC). Go figure because I can’t. Down to Union Station for this years look around. Tried to pee in one of the washrooms but it was too busy for a pee-shy guy like me. Looked in shops, nothing spoke to my wallet. Found another washroom & got a stall when I relaxed enough for relief. More looking around. Took a few pics but I have enough from past years.

Back to Dupont where I took a video of going up the escalator – a 2 minute trip – here it is – going up isn’t as vertigo inducing as going down (the elevator I mean). It is a slow carnival ride, that at one point changes angle by .5 degrees. Relaxed, meditated, waiting for housekeeping to do it’s thing so I could take a shower. Next to tart packing for my departure in the morning. I’ll be glad to sleep in my own bed.

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