That 80s Haircut 100

This mp3 cd filed under Haircut 100 is a time capsule of the 80’s. Much of it music made popular by MuchMusic when it played music videos, some of it comes from gay disco where I heard many of these songs for the first time.

It starts out with Haircut 100’s Pelican West – this falls under ‘new romance’ category fo sweet pop that wasn’t goth, punk or even power pop. Well produced but this British band fizzled after this release. One that hung on for a while is Thompson Twins. Here I have Into The Gap. Also ‘new romance’ they had a stronger ‘music you can dance to’ element and some of these track are so catchy they were dismissed as not being ‘serious’ music.

Less dismissed was Tears For Fears: The Hurting [UK Bonus Tracks]. They took themselves seriously enough with emotionally complex songs. Resonant, beautifully recorded & performed. Tears bridged the gap between goth & pop excellently. These Bonus tracks are remixes & extended versions of their sometime overwrought hits like Pale Shelter. 

Another Brit who had trouble getting ‘respect’ is the very sexy Billy Idol: Vital Idol – an MTV star for sure, but his hits are polished if not that radical. He bridged the gap between punk, pop & disco. Steve Steven’s guitar work on Flesh For Fantasy is astonishing. When his bad boy image was seen as only an image his star dimmed.

This cd also includes Dead or Alive: The Best Of: a rougher version of Boy George & less ‘spiritual’ as well. Singer Pete Burns propelled this group to several hits that crowded dance floors the way I liked it. Best include extended mixes & remixes of the songs.

As a change of pace I included  Trip Shakespeare: Across The Universe. I remember coming across the cassette & really loved their middle mid-60’s sound. Off kilter love songs. Finally for a real change of pace is Lenny Kravitz’s Let Love Rule. Very hot to watch, great to listen to and another side of the 80’s pop explosion. 


‘Can you be a bit more precise?’


‘You are coming?’

‘Oh yes, that much is for sure.’

‘But you don’t know when.’

‘No. Not yet. I should know tomorrow or the day after at the latest.’

‘It will be this month or at least this year?’

‘Now don’t get like that. I said we’ll be there before Christmas. That much you can count on.’

‘Perhaps we’d better call the whole thing off then.’

‘What!! After all the trouble I’ve gone through to get some time off.’

‘That doesn’t do me much good at this end, now does it. In time for Christmas – that could be the 18th or Christmas eve. What am I supposed to do? Keep on tip toes till you show your face?’

‘You’re right, it is too much trouble for you. We’ll stay at a hotel.’

‘Sure, if you can find one that’ll take reservations for no specific days of arrival and departure.’

‘What’s gotten into you? If you don’t want us to come, just say so and we’ll stay here. At least we know we’ll be around when I get the time off.’

‘Good. Be like that. Why is it such a big problem to get a straight answer out of you about anything.’

‘Must run in the family.’

‘Does not.’

‘Does too.’

‘So are you coming or not.’

‘Do you want us to come or what?’

‘Sure I do. We haven’t seen you for years now. How long has it been?’

‘Not since the wedding.’

‘That long.’

‘What a fiasco that was. No one knew what church it was in. They forgot to put that on the invitations and didn’t notice it either.’

‘Reception. it was the reception that no one could find.’

‘Are you sure?’


‘Whatever. It was so funny. Half of us ended up at some IODE rec centre and rest went to a nearby bar.’

‘Right and no one showed up at the reception expect for me and the bride and the groom.’

‘You did get pictures though. No else did.’

‘No one else was there.’

‘So you still have that camera.’

‘Digital video now. Right to the hard drive.’

‘I see.’

‘So you’ll let me know in a few days when you’ll be here and how long you’ll be here?’

‘Why is all that so important? I never got this need of yours to know, to control.’

‘I never got this need of yours not to know. Meeting someone around 8 doesn’t mean showing up at 9:10 & expecting them to be waiting for you.’

‘You still smarting over that. I suppose you have photos too?’

‘No but somethings stick in the mind.’

‘I can’t wait to see you though. I’ve missed you so much.’

‘Same here. You know if you want a drive from the airport knowing when you’ll be there would be helpful.’

‘I can take a taxi.’

‘And if I happen to be out when you arrive? Then what? I could be gone myself for a couple of days. That’s why I want to know.’

‘What! You’ve got somewhere to go?’

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One thought on “That 80s Haircut 100

  1. Just read this out loud to Reg and we are both laughing through clenched teeth! All too familiar! 🤨

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