Coal Dusters – Bonus

Editing work to blog the chapters of Coal Dusters has been going very well. So far I’ve ‘published’ just over 32,000 words with at least another 80,000 to go. I say ‘at least’ because the edits so far have expanded each chapter more than I anticipated. 

I realized that I had included little or no historic time marks other than references to WWI. I’ve found spots to add facts that give a stronger sense of ‘when.’ Facts such as who was king: George V; Pope: Pius XI – people who were relevant to the lives of good Catholics, or good loyalists at the time. I found a couple of female silent movie stars so I could have their ‘photos’ stuck on the men’s washhouse wall. I didn’t have to work hard at creating places for these time marks.

I’ve also enjoyed expanding the social context of families at the time to make them more realistic. So there are new scenes of domestic violence & drunken abuse. As with the time marks these new scenes fell into place naturally – which tells me they are what the story needs to be real even if they don’t directly add to the plots. The same holds true for adding clothing descriptions.

Another thing I’ve really enjoyed is creating a new graphic for each chapter. I figured using the cover art week after week isn’t going to capture anyone’s eye. I’ve searched out images that suit some point in each chapter. Billie Dove for ‘Birk Blushes’ – these graphics only appear on the Facebook or Twitter links for each chapter as it gets posted. I do have to resist that research hunt rabbit hole though – falling down a mine shaft is enough for me.

Poke At The Pope

I had this dream

the Pope wanted to have sex with me

I told him that I wasn’t interested

that I was no altar boy

that I was over the age of consent

reassured him that it was’t his age

I have no dislike of old holiness

but he carried so much history

vestments invested with too much 

that I could’t see past

that to take and eat 

wasn’t going to happen


I’m not catholic 

not particularly religious

but I do read the papers

I’ve seen their polite rationalizations 

for the irrational

the endless trail of righteous decisions 

that held so many out of the embrace 

of whatever comfort their belief offered

pleasure was punishable by fish on Friday

all that stuff

all in the name of the unnamable


not that I am one to judge

I’m probably as biased and invested 

in my own sense of values

after all I’m only human

and for once I can say 


I don’t want to see the sacred

turned into scared then scarred

and one way is to do that 

to leave the mystery fully clothed

so I said no the Pope

every Tuesday

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