Birk and Clancy at Play

Coal Dusters 

Chapter XXI

Birk and Clancy at Play

“Stop that.” Birk said. “Self-pollution is a grave sin. It’ll do you a great harm.”

“Such as?” Clancy laughed.

“The Reverend says it leads to depletion of one’s soul. He called it the essence of all life or some such. And you can go blind.”

“Then most o’ the men in the world would be blind. You never did this.” Clancy pushed his hand up and down his manhood with a firm grip. “Played with your cock.”

Clancy’s member was longer than Birk’s but not as thick. It didn’t have much skin around the head either.

“No. I …” Birk wanted to say cock but couldn’t. “I was taught to respect my … manhood.”

“Never had an emission in the night?”

“Emission?” Birk looked away. He wasn’t comfortable watching Clancy.

“Yeh,” Clancy chuckled. “Even woke up with white gunk on your clothes.”

“A couple of times.”

“What about Geo. He never?”

“No.” Birk thought. He’d never seen Geo do what Clancy was doing.

“Try it.”

“No! Self pollution isn’t proper. Ma’d kill me.” He started to get up.

“How would she know?” Clancy put his free hand on Birk’s chest to keep him still.

“Ma knows things. Don’t know how, but she always knows when I’ve been doing something I shouldn’t be doing.”

“What if I do it to you? You can do it to me. Then it wouldn’t be the sin of self-pollution, would it?”

“I suppose not but no …” He pushed Clancy’s hand away from his member.

“Yer little fella isn’t all that little anymore. That can’t be the first time he’s ever stood at attention.”

“No! But I never do anything like what you are doing when that happens. I think of God and the goodness he wants in the world until it goes away.”

“Birk.” Clancy was laughing. “You know what that is for don’t you?”

“For? What do you mean. It’s for God to remind me to stay pure. To punish me for angry thoughts.”

“You know how children are made don’t you?”

“Ma says I’ll learn that when I need to know it. It isn’t fit knowledge for a clean man.”

“By the time you find out it may be too late.”

“Too late?”

“Yeh, the wrong gal will show you but she won’t be the one you want.”

“I heard about that. Ma says that’s this how some gals trap men. Takes ‘vantage of men who don’t know. Another reason to stay clear of them till I’m ready to know.”

“Here’s what happens. A man places his member in the woman.”

“In? How’s that.”

“Between her legs. She ain’t built the way we is down there, you see. There’s a place where your cock fits into her. You push into there and when you spend yourself into her she gets with child.”


“Yeah. Look, try it.”


“Roll on top of me.” Clancy pulled Birk on top of him and pushed their members till they were side by side. He moved hip hips to rub. “Try it.”

“This way?” Birk began to grind into Clancy. He turned his head so he didn’t have to see Clancy’s face. His vision became oddly clear. The stone he was looking at was all he wanted to see. The black rock had small flecks of white in it. There was bits of grit in small indents.

“Oh. Oh.” Clancy gasped.

Birk experienced a hot, smooth gush around the head of his manhood. Then he shuddered as his member throbbed and spurt out three times. The rock he was focused on disappeared for a moment. He sagged heavily on top of Clancy.

Clancy took a deep breath and pushed him off and back to where he had been laying.

They lay there silent for a few minutes.

“What are you thinking?” Clancy asked.

“I dunno.” Birk replied. “Never had that happen to me before. Feels the same way for gals?”

“I don’t know.”

“Messy.” He pinched at the white slime on his stomach. “Guess that’s why gals don’t want to be pestered with it, eh?”

“Could be.” Clancy pushed himself up and dove into the lake. Birk followed suit. They got their socks and used them to scrub off the white slime.

Birk peeled the skin back on the head of his member. “You don’t have as much of this as I do?”


“Must make it easy fer you keep clean. I used to get the bad itch till we started to wash up at Mrs. Franklin’s.”

“Smellin’ better isn’t the only benefit of being clean.” Clancy laughed.

“You ever … rub off that way before?” Birk asked.

“Nah. I sometimes do it with m’ bed though. Never felt this … good.”

“Ya asked about Geo a while back. You know that must a been what he was doing many nights. I thought he trying to get comfortable. He’d be restless. It would drive me crazy him moving around till he’d turn on his belly and grind the mattress. Then he’d get quiet and fall asleep.”

“Could be that’s what he was doing.”

“You never move much in the bed. How’s that?”

“It’s not something I feel the need to do that often. Only when some gal gets stuck in my mind.”

“Guess a bed’s better place to do it though.” He showed Clancy where his elbows and knees were raw from the rock.

“My back isn’t much better.” He turned to let Birk see where he had been rubbed raw.

“We better head back. Ma’ll be happy to get these.” Birk put on his clothes. The sun had dried them. What they had done was strange to him. Yet it happened so natural. Why bother some frail woman with that sort of thing. Not something a Godly man would want to do. This was a better way of getting release.

He cleaned and boned the trout. That was one thing his Ma hated to do. She didn’t fancy the smell of them on her hands, or the slimy guts on them either. They’d sometime bury the bones in the garden but she didn’t want the stink of fish that close her house.

“Clancy,” Birk said as they were nearing town.

“Yeh, lad.”

“We won’t say anything about this will we?”

“What the fishin?”

“You know the … rub.” Although he had enjoyed it, Birk was shamed by the pleasure of it.

“Who am I going to be talking to about that?” he laughed.

“We always hears some guy at wash up goin’ on about the gals he give loving to or they’d need to give lovin’ to.”

“You sure they always talking about some gal?” he joked. “Least now you knows what the pleasure is they are bragging about.”


His mother was impressed with the fish they caught and happy Birk had taken the time to clean them.

There was knock at the door and Jake Malone from across the lane walked in before anyone answered.

“Didn’t see you earlier Birk, Clancy but there’s gonna be an emergency union meeting tonight over at St Agatha’s.”

“What’s the emergency?” Clancy asked.

“Strike b’ys. We’re goin’ out for sure.”

“What time?”

“At seven. Keep an ear open for the bells. Father Pat’ll get them rung to let us know. We got word from the other union locals that they all decided on it t’other day. Things bad in New Waterford and Glace Bay too. It’s not as if we’re the only ones hurting.”

“No one wants the life squeezed out of them.” Birk’s mother said.

“Then be told that’s our own fault.”

“Or told that it’s for our own good.” Clancy said.

“I’ll call fer you boys when I’m heading over.”

“Thanks Jake.”

Birk’s mother sat heavily at the table. “Strike is never good. Hard enough to keep things together on what we have.”

“Least it isn’t a winter strike as the last one was. We aren’t gonna freeze.” Birk said. “Blackie’ll be home soon?” he asked.

“Right. Come on girls we got to get supper ready.”

Blackie hadn’t had any of his time cut. The boiler engineers were needed twenty-four hours a day to keep the ventilation and sump pumps working. If the pumps stopped for too long in the lower levels of the mine they would flood with sea water in short time. Even when they were working a sudden stoppage would send water flooding a small area that had to be cleared by hand till a hose could be put into place to drain it.

When Blackie came home he knew of the call for strike.

“Don’t see what good it’s going to do.” he said as he finished his dinner. “Last time didn’t do much. Government says go back to work with less. Company says go back to work with less. Union says go back to work with less. Brought in troops to make sure we did what they asked.”

“Worse part, we is supposed to grateful for less.” Birk’s mother said.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License

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