I can remember hearing Heart for the first time & thinking how amazing was that this was a Canadian band on top of the American charts; that this woman could sing; that the music didn’t sound Canadian at all; that these weren’t folk singers. The production work on Dreamboat Annie was stunning – though when I first heard the lp I was a little dismayed that it did veer into folksy territory. 

In my collection are Dreamboat Annie, Little Queen as mp3. Tucked into this mp3 collection is the single of their live Stairway to Heaven which is astonishing. Their self titled: Heart as a stand alone (to replace the cassette I had of it.) I did have Dreamboat as lp at one time. I was more a fan of their sound than of the band though. 

After Dreamboat I didn’t follow them. I can remember hearing Dreamboat one night in Halifax while I was visiting a good friend attending Dalhousie, I was sitting in at table in the Grad house – where he worked as bartender, sipping a Rusty Nail, writing a poem & Magic Man was playing. Also I lost interest because I found their non-rock stuff to be too wistful for some reason.

Then thanks to MTV they an amazing coming back in the mid80’s with tier self titled lp. Songs like These Dreams, Never are brilliantly engineered & performed. When I downloaded the mp3 of Dreamboat Anne I also added Little Queen – which I had never heard. I liked it a lot. Ann Wilson has an amazing voice, sister Nancy plays guitar & can rival the likes of Jimmy Page. They make me proud to be a Canadian even though Heart is considered an American band 🙂


‘I just don’t understand it. Just two week’s ago he offered to lend the money and now when I take him up on that offer he’s all … you know … complaining that he’s not made of money. Worse, he says I’m just a fuck up, a forty-three year old woman who will never get her life together.’ Her tears stopped her.

‘Brother’s can be like that.’ I didn’t know what else to say. Marg and I had been friends for several years and the last year had been one of struggle. A relationship ending, finding and losing a job, finding and losing an apartment. The constant struggle and sense of falling behind was wearing on her.

‘Then he went on to say I was just a lazy slob who’d never amount to anything. He isn’t right is he? I’m not that bad, am I?’

‘No, Marg, you aren’t. Let’s face it, men have a different take on these things. I supposed he’d only think you were a success if you were married with kids.’

‘Yeah `right.’

‘Face it, something remain so entrenched, even the most forward thinking of us can suddenly get caught by traditional values we didn’t even suspect we held. Sounds like he’s one of those. It’s not as if his own relationship history is that glowing.’

‘That’s for sure but still that doesn’t give him the right to treat me like crap. I told him how hard I’ve been looking, bugging the temp agency. Everything. I’m not lazy.’

‘No more than the next one of us.’

I knew though that she felt her lack of accomplishment more painfully thanks to her brother’s unexpected diatribe.

‘Should I take the money? He said he’d lend it too me and would get it put in my bank account if I sent the number to him.’

‘Do it. At least you’ll have something,’

‘Yeah if it shows up.’

‘It’s never easy to ask and sometimes that’s the cost of asking.’ I didn’t want to tell her beggars can’t be choosers, as she wasn’t really a beggar, just someone in need at the moment. Things would turn around if she could hold on. I just needed to assure she could hold on.

‘It’s difficult stuff Marg. No one wants to ask for help. No one wants to hear what you’ve heard. I don’t blame you for being stressed by it. Not a bit.’

‘It’s as if he hasn’t listened to a thing I’ve told him over the past year. I haven’t kept anything from him and yet he still thinks I’m too proud, lazy and not trying hard enough.’

‘Hard enough to suit him perhaps. But I know you are trying. I see how difficult it is. Let’s face it he may never understand that. You have enough to do without having to please him.’

‘You saying I hinting I should forgive him?’

‘Nah, not worth the trouble. Living well is the best revenge. Take the money and let the door shut.’



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