one rainy afternoon I was struck

with an inexplicable fever 

of home sickness

I Googled my village

thousands of possibilities 

were there is less than five seconds

I glanced down the list 

to my surprise they were all linked 

to the same site


I looked at the next page of possibilities

they were all linked to the same site

there was nothing from our local tourist board

the cathedral reconstruction foundation

nothing that originated from my village

so I clicked on the hoaxxbusters link

to my surprise

there was post after post

exposing my village as a hoax


it was a place that didn’t exist

I went to Google Maps and sure enough

my village didn’t come up 

on any satellite photos

try as I might for that county

it wasn’t there


I typed the word moose into wikipedia

and all that appeared was a single sentence

‘a nonsense syllable meaning nothing’

my heart was racing 

as I checked other information

to see what I might be able to find

and came up with nothing real

it was all fabrication


not that I believed those tales 

of how the moose came from the moon

but I certainly believed that moose existed

yet according all reliable sources they were a myth

started by one Mikke Nordstrom 

some 300 years ago

when he came to this continent

even his appearance was in doubt

he was legendary figure not a  real person


everything I had come to accept 

as quaint truths about my past

my village 

was washed away by a few clicks of a mouse

I sat dumbfounded in front of my monitor 

wondering what to do


I typed in my own name into 

to see if I was actually living here in the big city

and was questioned for more details

was the name spelt correctly 

even the street my condo was on couldn’t be found

my employer didn’t exist


when I went to the firm’s web page 

that site couldn’t be found

a connection couldn’t be established

with the grand academy 

where I was taking creative writing

I called my sister

and got a pre-recorded message

that the area code didn’t exist


my feet were rapidly disappearing

and I was just a stifled gasp

from my cubical

that was empty

when the coffee guy came by 

to see who ordered a no foam latte

Some of this was sparked by a friend of mine who did what my hero does. She used Google maps & then street view to go back home. She found the school, which apparently, had changed over the decades, found her old house, she even took a street view walk to school, except she couldn’t take the short-cut through the laneway – it was gone. She said it was better than physically going there & cheaper.

When I’ve visited, Sydney, where I grew up, I have taken those walks that I used to take to the various schools I went to. But Sydney is still there, as is the high-school I went to.

I’ve also had that search engine experience of typing in something & getting millions of possibilities & giving after three pages of them when what I was searching for exactly wasn’t really there. It seems every word in the English language is part of some porn site 😦 

The piece takes, I hope, an unexpected science-fiction/horror turn. I’ve seen/read stories about people driving in a fog & finding a town not on the map so pushed that to the town that vanished. I know some places have become so unpopulated they are no longer large enough to be considered villages. I’ve seen towns for sale. Here I have the town that never was or perhaps it was just a figment of someone’s over-heated imagination. is a fabrication, though the link will lead you somewhere fun (& non-pornographic). 

So in the end my hero transcends. Reluctantly this brings an end not only my hero but also to the Village Stories series. Editing, rewriting & even creating some new stories has been fun & productive. Next step is to gather them all together, with my discussion of them, into some sort of eBook. My attempts at real ‘publishing’ them have been futile mainly because they were too whimsical & hence aren’t literary enough for the real poetry world.

Hey! Now you can give me $$$ to defray blog fees & buy coffee in Washington at 2018’s – sweet,eh?

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