A Gaggle of Gs

Moving along the jazz shelf we come to Renaud Garcia-Fons: Entremundo. I read a review of this cd in the Globe & Mail in 2004 & bought it in December of that year. All I remember of the review is that it called the recording ‘ravishing.’ Renaud plays upright-bass & here he is joined by a cadre of inventive players to produce a compelling set of music that transcends genre. Sort of world music with a strong Latin edge with a dash of middle east too. More soothing than challenging this is a great addition to any collection 


Erroll Garner’s Concert By The Sea is one of those recordings that shows up in many lists of the greatest 100 jazz recordings. I picked it up on sale at Sam’s back in 1995. Recorded in Carmel, California in 1955 it is a trio set of jazz standards such as Autumn Leaves. More lounge than challenging I enjoyed this set but not enough to seek out more by him. Well worth having though.

Tom van der Geld’s Patience is an lp to cd transfer of this ECM release. A vibraphonist der Geld was a main stay with ECM turning up on many of their amazing recordings with many of their amazing artists. This tight, adventurous without being dissonant. Playful & inviting.

Lisa Gerrard’s Mirror Pool is another cd I picked up after reading a review that said it was deeply spiritual. Again music that defies categorization though it does have a strong middle east feel to it. Gerrard is a member of Dead Can Dance & carries on that band’s mix of cultural & genre blending. Many of the pieces include her singing/chanting in what may be an imaginary language. The music itself is soothing, soaring, evocative & at times cinematic. In fact she does film soundtracks. 

 No Toys

I looked around the living room. No TV! No laptop or desktop! No electronics fo any kind! Not even digital clock! How could anyone live like this. I could hear him in the next room. Maybe he was bringing out the entertainment unit. Yes, that had to be it, kept it in the bedroom and didn’t want to take me there directly for real entertainment.

He came out empty-handed still wearing the pale ash grey sweats he was wearing when we met. He’d put his smart phone away.

‘Please sit down.’ He nodded to the couch while sitting in a wing-chair.

‘Thank you.’ The couch was firm. ‘Nice place you have here.’

‘Rather Spartan for some. But I think of my apartment as my haven, a dome of silence. Most of the time.’

‘Most of the time?”

‘Can’t do much about the neighbours.’

‘Sound proofing?’

‘No. Going too far. I just resisted all those toys so many people use to distract themselves with.’

My heart sank. We would have to make conversation filled with those long silent gaps without even the burble of a TV to fill those spaces. I’d have to count on slamming doors in the hall way or too loud stereos over-head.

‘Have you been living here long?’


Oh no, this was going to be a hard one. One word answers didn’t lead anyway where quick.

‘How long?’

‘Long enough.’ He smiled and crossed his legs.

No plants, no books, nothing on the walls, no magazines, not a clue or was this lack of things a clue?

‘Comfortable couch.’ I leaned back.


‘Uh — I like the colour. Calming.’

‘That was the intention. Grey is so non-demanding isn’t it? Can I get you something. A glass of water.’

‘No. I’m fine.’

Again the gloomy silence descended upon us. He look out the window.

‘Nice view.’

‘Yes.’ he replied. ‘I can look out at the city for hours. The distance makes it less demanding. The need to watch is removed. Makes me forget the fact that soon enough I’ll be back out there in the thick of things.’

‘Oh? You work downtown?’


Again the silence.

‘It’s not often I have guests. You’re probably wondering why I asked you here.’

‘No.’ It was my turn for monosyllabic responses.




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