Sneak Peek November 2018

Looking back on October & it proved to be a productive & creative month with new Halloween poems posted every week & one more to come for November 1: Day of The Dead. I didn’t realize how much the subconscious absorbed from horror movies. People must that liked them as my following jumped to 283, a surprise to me as I hoped to hit that by the end of the year. Lots of new followers from India. Twitter & Tumblr show no increase.

With Dusters I’ve blogged just over 55,000 words so far, with at least another 62,000 to go. The editing has been easy. Not worrying, yet, about pleasing an editor or publisher has freed the process for me to add what I think fits the story. One of the things I keep in mind is that I want to keep the ‘style’ in that period’s young adult gung-ho style. So no swearing to deal with 🙂

November means NaNoWriMo so I’ll be writing everyday to make sure I surpass the 50000 word goal. What am I working on this year? My initial notion is a set of connect short stories with each dealing with a different horror trope – the haunted house, the possessed boyfriend, the mutant (also possibly a boyfriend 🙂 ) – that sort of thing. Working title is The Bloodstone Tales. Samples will be posted here – probably on Fridays.

Photos will change during the month: Mondays will see more festive pics mixed in; Wednesdays red will fade to spheres; Thursdays will bring those random pairs; Fridays will stay open to doors.

NaNoWriMo probably means no Tumblr posts for November or at least until I feel I have enough written each day. In fact the few distractions the better. I only have one, so far, show to attend – Hot Damn! on November 15. 

Like my pictures? I post lots on Tumblr

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