The Hollies

I have a love & not-so-loved relationship with The Hollies who since the 60s have made some great recordings & also some banal, tedious records. I have a fairly large collection that spans 4 cds of mp3’s as well as one stand-alone, Romany (one of my favourites).

Part of the initial British invasion in 1963 The Hollies are still together & performing in 2018 with some of the original members. Members have come & gone & come back. I think my first memory of them is Look Through Any Window. My first lp was Stop! Stop! Stop! But because they were considered radio-fodder & not as deep as say, The Rolling Stones, I didn’t really follow them. 

When Graham Nash left 1968 it was a ‘thing’ because he felt the group was trying to be too serious by doing an lp of Bob Dylan covers. His departure was probably the best thing that happened to them as they went on to produce some amazing singles & lps: My favourites are Distant Light, Romany, Another Night, Crazy Steal. Romany is a under-rated masterpiece & a great place for anyone to start their Hollies exploration.

I have, as mp3s: Stay With the Hollies; In the Hollies Style; Hollies; Would You Believe?; For Certain Because; Evolution; Butterfly; Hollies Sing Dylan; Hollies Sing Hollies; Confessions of the Mind; Distant Light; Out on the Road; Hollies; Another Night; Write On; Russian Roulette; Crazy Steal; 5317704; Buddy Holly; What Goes Around (1983 reunion with Nash); Staying Power; Then, Now, Always; A’s B’s & Eps; Epic’s Original Master Tapes.

The later recordings: Staying Power; Then, Now, Always – aren’t bad but not as vibrant as their mid-period work or as playful as their earlier lps. Also in this mp3 collection I have CSN; CSNY. these are here because of Graham Nash. These are classic pop & highly influential recordings. Stunning songs, harmonies & politics, though only Neil Young managed to create great music outside of the group. I  find Nash’s songs to be banal but pretty. 


The eraser tore through the paper. The fourth page Jan had spoiled. Only ten minutes left to the end of the class and she still wasn’t any closer to starting than she had been when the class had started. She shoved the papers, pencils, crayons off her desk and to the floor.

‘What’s wrong Jan?’ Her teacher, Miss Grant kneeled by the desk and began to pick up the stuff that had just been pushed to the floor.

‘Nothing. Nothing is the matter. Why does something have to be the matter? Why?’

‘It doesn’t, Jan. Let’s see what you’ve done so far.’

‘Nothing to see.’

‘Miss Grant! Miss Grant!’ Dave piped up. ‘I have lots for you to see.’

‘I’ll get around to you Dave. Why don’t you start again Jan. Try something simple. Small.’ she folded a page into quarters. ‘See. You don’t have to fill the whole page like the others. Such a waste of the rain forest, don’t you think?’

Jan nodded in agreement, clutched a pencil and began to make lines on the page. Lines that became tree trunks.

Miss Grant stood and went over to Dave.

‘Whatcha you doing?’ Syl turned to peer at Jan’s picture.

‘Never you mind.’ Jan covered her work as best as she could and in doing so crumpled the picture she had started. ‘Oh shit. Why don’t you leave me alone.’ She balled the page in her fist and hit Syl on the ear with it.

‘Now, now, Jan. You have to play gentle with the other. Not everyone is as strong as you.’ Miss Grant rushed over.

‘Well, so what. Just leave me be for a few minutes.’ Jan stood and tried to push past Miss Grant. The teacher held her firmly by the shoulders. ‘You let me go. I’ll report you. I’ll tell.’

‘Tell what?’ Miss Grant forced her back into her desk. ‘You have to be slow with your self Jan. There is no hurry. Just take your time.’

‘I don’t give a crap about you or this school or growing up. I don’t. So just leave me alone.’ She covered her head with her hands and sobbed onto her desk.

The buzzer went. 

‘That’s all for today class. Now leave quietly and I’ll see you all back here tomorrow.’

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