NaNoWriMo.05 2018

Wrapping NaNoWriMo with a whopping validated 66,025 words, not too shabby considering the distractions of Coal Dusters. I did include the extra work on Coal Dusters in my NaNo count for this year – after it started as a NaNo several years ago.

I’ve really liked the work I put in on Blludstun as I allowed it to morph from my original intent into a more complex paranormal mystery. As I’ve said as I wrote the nature of the plot – the events of the plot became clearer – so I do have a really sound set of notes, characters & a general sense of where it is going so I can, perhaps, jump back into it int e new years, all depending on my Coal Dusters progress. 

Of course once Dusters has been blogged I have Picture Perfect edits to tackle next. That one will be a major job as I have some 250000 words there to deal with. My brain’s filing system is pretty amazing as I can already sense what work needs to be done on Perfect while I’m slogging away at Dusters & sowing the seeds of Blludstun. Not to mention working on pieces for an upcoming feature & for performing at Capturing Fire. Yes, I still remember to put my shoes on 🙂


I did a few things different this year – it’s always good the change things up. I usually put tougher some extensive playlists of new-to-me music. This year I reached into my overly-extensive archive & pulled out lots of Chopin, various jazz & even some pop – all at a move-your-fingers beat. With six years of non-stop music to dip into I thought it was time to dip into it. 

one final glimpse into the story:

“Once again I have digressed from my original intent in writing this letter to you. This is one of the facets of the creative scientific mind. I have no told anyone of the night my dear husband died. I feel I can trust a stranger, that I can be open with someone I don’t know or whom I may never meet so that what ever judgements you may have I will never experience. I will ask one favour.”

“What is that?” Matt said aloud.

“What is what?” Gabe asked.

“My God!” Matt shook his head. “I was talking to Thomasina as if she was really here!”

“Must be a compelling letter.” Gabe sat on the couch beside Matt.

“I wasn’t here at all. I was sitting in an English tea shoppe sipping Assam orange pekoe tea with her. We were eating petite fours.”

“While you were reading that letter?”

“Yeah. I didn’t even realize that until you … until I answered her. I know she wasn’t here but how did I get to there without even knowing it? I mean not even knowing I was there until just now?”

“Sounds like … I was going to say astral projection but the person travelling does it with their own awareness of doing it.”

“It’s all so vivid. I can feel the warmth of the tea cup in my hand. Thin bone china with a zigzag pattern around the edge. A sort of Egyptian sun burst in the bottom of the cup that was reveal as I drank the tea.”

“What else do you recall. What did she look like?”

“I don’t know. I was listening to her but not seeing here. Everything around me is a sort of void. There’s just me, the cup of tea, the little cake and her voice.”

“Are you sitting on a chair?”


“Was there a table cloth? Anything else on the table?”

“I didn’t even see a table. Just the tea cup, it’s a dark blue bone china with an art deco zigzag pattern along the inside rim. But I told you that already, didn’t I.”

“That pattern fits in the with the house I saw in my … vision. What were you asking?”


“When I brought you out of your trance?”

“Right. She asking me a favour. I was asking her what it was.” Matt went back to the letter. “She wants me not to tell anyone what she’s just written me in the letter.”

“Which was?” 

“I … if I honour her request I can’t tell you.”

“Then let me read it.” Gabe reached for the letter. 

“No.” Matt put the letter behind his back so Gabe couldn’t get at it.
November 1 -30

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