Sneak Peek December 2018

A quick look back before the peak – my following jumped to 290, a number I hoped to hit by the end of 2018 – maybe I’ll get to 300 bay the end of 2019. Lots of new followers from India. WordPress stats give one lots of breakdowns but they can’t tell me what countries my followers are from 😦 Twitter is up to 205 thanks to some book cover designers following me 🙂 & Tumblr has increased to 214 – it would be much more but I block any hetero-porn sites that follow me.

For December I’ll be changing my blog routine with Monday’s to include a Dolly Dinty piece; Tuesday’s will feature the rewrite of an old piece: Winter Whisky; Wednesday’s I’ll be talking about past seasonal poetry; Thursday’s I’ll be talking about Christmas decorations that have personal memories for me; Friday’s as ever will be what ever 🙂 Speaking of Coal Dusters 65500 words have been posted with another 57000 to go. I’ll be getting back to it in the new year.

Other than Christmas Day entertaining I have no big plans for December. No shows or poetry readings – I say no shows but there will be some shopping to deal with plus the joyful noise of people in transit. As it gets colder & with night falling sooner & sooner I’m less inclined than ever to go out evenings. If it takes me longer to get dressed & get somewhere than I’m going to spend there I’d rather stay home. Plus most venues aren’t designed for that much outer wear, who wants to put their shoulder bag into a puddle on a snow-lake barroom floor.

Wounds of the Saints

 Gentle Reader let me tell you that your friendly reporter has certainly had quite a week-end to share with you. As you may remember in my column on Friday, I said I would be checking out the Family Fun Fair at St. Sufferer’s Cathedral. I did this and also found time to go to the pet show at The Pig Driver’s Arena by Buttontown Airport and the Bridal Show at Pester’s Mall.

Yes, a very busy Saturday. Sunday was as bad, what with the opening of the new font at St. Sufferer’s, a baby shower for the latest in the McGinch clan and finally a fund raising dinner in Crab Apple Corners for the Maple Valley Fire Department.

So, where to begin? If I hadn’t had my trusty map with me I surely would have gotten lost at the very start. St. Sufferer’s Cathedral is one of the largest churches in Pumpkin County but also the most difficult to find. It’s spires can be seen for miles in all directions but every turn of the road seemed to put it at my back and not in front of me.

I hope the next function they hold is to find funds to put up more accurate signage. The Fun Fair was fun for the entire family. Bobbing for pears, a banana tossing contest and even some feet painting for the children. It was a carefree time that made all feel closer to their Creator’s pain. I was deeply touched by the drawings of the Sunday School classes that depicted the various wounds of the Saints.

I was reluctant to leave there for the Pet Show. Fortunately finding The Pig Driver’s Arena is much easier.

The first thing I was confronted with though, was the Hijil’s Farm elephants. Not the sort of thing one expects at a pet show and who amongst us can judge them? They did do some rather charming tricks – rolling over to play dead and fetching the tree – but I think a more simple approach would be better. The prize ribbon went, as it has the last several years, to the McCracken’s of Daw Hill with their trained herding sparrows.

So, I was pretty tuckered by the time I got to the Bridal Show. I did get there & walked down that aisle longing for the time I would have time to actually walk down the aisle of St. Sufferer’s for my sacred wedding sacrifice. Bea Petratica’s Bridalle Shoppe had a new shipment of fine pearl crushed velvet lace that would make any bride look like a dark queen.

One of these days Hank Grebly, one of these days. You – me & the aisle.

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