Too Sensitive

This past week there has been a considerable noise about Tumblr’s new ‘adult content’ guidelines. Now, if the site was one that members paid for the use of I might have more sympathy for this outcry, but it is free – like Facebook – harvesting our posting data to share with advertisers is what keeps it going. But I guess not enough of their advertisers are porn sites 🙂

Users do have the ability to control whose posts they see in their feed so it is pretty simple to have feed that is entirely cute animals falling down or a feed that is entirely cute humans falling down to show you their private parts. Users have that power. You can even control who can follow you.

One of the issues is the random nature in which things get labelled ‘adult’ or ‘sensitive’ content. Even a set of my pics – dishes – was flagged! Because I read that certain # & phrases alert filters: i.e. ‘lgbtq’, ‘queer’, ‘adult content’, I’ve stopped using them when tagging my posts. Frankly I’ve never found #queer attracted more people to my posts anyway. I only use my tumblr for my daily pic posts. 

But I do follow many sites that are ‘adult content’ – lots of pics of naked men – not just any nudes mind you but I was able to curate a feed that appealed to my specific interests: Asian, black, latino, uncut adult men. I like to look at the world of men. In fact I started a second tumblr for the explicit content so I could reblog those without my ‘safe’ tumbler followers having to see what I reblogged.

I follow other fun scifi sites, art, retro fashion, music. These are safe sites mind you. Many of the now ‘sensative’ sites offered information & links for youth looking for support, sites that had political focus, sex workers. Part of the use has to do with free speech, which I do support – but if a store doesn’t want your flyer in its window move on & find one that does.

As I said Tumblr offers its site to users at no direct cost. If I were paying to post, as I do for my WordPress site, then I’d feel a little more strongly. There’s a call to ‘blackout’ Tumblr on December 17 when the guidelines go into full force so I’ll shut down for those 24 hours. I’ve also removed the automatic linking of my blog to tumblr – I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a WP hits from that link anyway.

If Tumblr ended, such is life. It’s impossible to stifle free speech on the WWW. People will always find away to get their message out there. I’ll miss the endless source of dick pics but I certainly won’t miss having to block the endless hetero porn site bots that try to follow me.


boy gets girl

dog lives

monster vanquished

boy buys right girl

man repents

eviler spirits arise

escape succeeds

money isn’t enough

love conquers all

she feels compete in marriage

success isn’t everything

family is reunited

all is forgiven

things are never the same again

she knows better

he finds a purpose in self sacrifice

boy gets boy

dog learns a lesson

man rescued from loneliness by child

greed is punished

being pretty isn’t fulfilling

he didn’t really want her

the lame horse wins a race

he dies saving others

the truth remains hidden

it was all a dream

the boy was once a girl

there is no escaping

they were ghosts

drugs were a bad choice

bad guy repents

she was a princess all along

the villain was his father

the castle blows up

the space ship blows up

the race is won

marriage means more than career

he is a genius

the plants were evil

Satan is foiled

he walks again

she forgives her rapist

he sees the errors of his ways

his heart is ten times bigger

everyone is dead

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