Salad Days

Salad Days

a quiet corner

in an empty cafe

a spot with no view

of the tv’s


each turned to different sport

soccer baseball golf

all silent

cafe music non-intrusive



she was seated

at the table behind me

the back of her chair 

bumped mine as she sat

with all the other empty tables


she sniffed

as if to say

it was my fault

she had to squeeze in


I pulled my chair 

a little closer to the table

my salad served


her cell burbles

she answers

a loud personal conversation

that I don’t need to hear


I take my salad

move to another table


‘sorry some asshole just

shoved my chair’

she said into her phone

for all to hear


this is a true incident

would I have felt as I did

if it was a good looking guy

should I not recount it at all

would I have felt as I did

if she apologized

if she had said 

‘Can I have a more private table.’

if she had not talked so loudly on her cell


am I a control freak

for not wanting to be distracted

for wanting to eat in peace

after all

I was in a public space

I have no rights

can I recount this 

without sounding

like a misogynist


was she pretty 

I didn’t look

was she young

I didn’t look

was she trans

I didn’t look

to look would be to engage 

all I wanted to engage with 

was my salad

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