die die my darling

Currently doing the same only with Coal Dusters – I love editing 🙂


Into the thick of the Lazarus edits/rewrites. Started by hacking out some of my favorite scenes – die, die my darlings – not easy but once I’d made up my mind, out they went – they were fun to write and have some useable material in them – that material can be dropped into the story at other points – but neither of them really pushed the plot forward enough – so my word count goes from 99,000 to 95,500 which is already more manageable.

Here’s one of the die die my darlings that had to die: (what you may not understand in this scene would make sense in the flow of the whole story. i.e. who are Kate and David?) Although the scene explores Harris’s hereto-normativeness it doesn’t add enough. Scout is a great character, too fleshed-out to be dropped into just one scene and I really have…

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2 thoughts on “die die my darling

  1. I find it less difficult to hack…I mean, edit these days now that I’ve established some confidence in my writing skills. It’s gotten easier to tell what’s crap and what’s not, lol. Will you be producing Coal Dusters or Lazarus for sale?

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