Born to be Blown

for some reason this post from 2014 has gotten dozens of hits this past week


Where are the really sex positive queer anthems? After posting my Monday music blog I continued to ruminate on the many gay/queer pop performers I knew of – from Divine to Tom Robinson, from Jobriath to Pet Shop Boys. A fairly extensive list the more I considered it. Pansy Division, Jimmy Summerville, Limp Wrist (noise rock), The Frogs (folk punk), Sylvester.

snowlionlion in winter

Some really rock and Pansy Division does have some great in-your-pants stuff – Beer Can Boy, James Bondage – done with a sense of play. But much of what seems to get the most ‘air play’ Rufus Wainwright, KD Lange – settles into the romantic not the body.

umblsaving mr snow banks

I suspect there is a fair amount of self-censorship going on at the same time. A need to present queer as non-threatening, just like everyone. Which is true of pretty much most pop…

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