Come Clean


Working through the  227 Rules For Monks.

Who knew the simple life could be so complex.

Come Clean

cleanliness is next to entitlement

body wash is the essence of elitism

trapped in a commercial web

that tells us that only pretty smelling people

have value 

deserve respect

don’t believe me

see how fast you get served

at any coffee shop

if you aren’t deemed clean enough

by some snooty barista

who barely makes enough to pay

for their highlights  

they take one sniff

and are ready to call the cops


someone said there’s no deodorant like money

but let me tell you

that ain’t true

no matter how rich you are

if you aren’t clean enough

you’re not respected

just a whiff of unwashed armpit

of greasy hair

can be enough to make people

turn away from you

move to another seat on the subway


they cling to their need

for fresh smells

antiseptic is purity

perfumed is worshipped

the unwashed make them comfortable

in their sanctimonious shelters

where they don’t have to smell anything

that hasn’t be sold to them

that hasn’t the cultural seal

of clean


it’s all marketing

for sheep

being taken to the slaughter 

sprayed with rose water

so they don’t have to smell

their own shit 

as their throat is cut

to make a healthy profit

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