Over the past few years I’ve been rereading science fiction novels that I read in my teens and twenties. Books by Vonnegut, Heinlein etc. They have been enjoyable but held little resonance for me. Stranger in a Strange Land was a favorite at one time but rereading it I realized it was the magic-thinking aspect that appealed, not the science.

Recently I reread Dune by Frank Herbert. Through the 60’s to early 80’s I belonged to the Science Fiction book club (which eventually added Horror to its title). Dune was one of the books that I got as part of my enrolment offer. It stunned me. I must have read it several times to re-experience the adventure. It was also one of my first fictional crushes – Paul Atreides was hot.

I recall my own world building attempts at the time: creating maps of places, making up language, inventing devices for the people/creatures in worlds – none of which ever progressed into plots or even short stories. The religious underpinning sos the book fascinated me with its witches, orange bibles, quotes from that imaginary scriptural text. The messianic nature of Paul’s mythology – was he the first ‘as the prediction promised’ hero?

Reading it now I am still awestruck by the intricate world building, the complex social & emotional lives the Herbert built. Female characters are as rounded & developed as the male characters. How I would love to have ‘the voice.’ The world building is astounding. New words are introduced in such a way one knows exactly what they are without explanation. I see how this series inspired Star Wars & a hundred of other films.

Unfortunately Dune itself has never been successful made into a film, or mini-series. Attempts have been made but, so far, they have merely captured events without convey the epic scale or emotional complexities of Dune.

Sadly what gay characters there are, are decadent, physically repulsive, and evil. Sigh.


let me get that for you

I know you can do it yourself

but sometimes it’s nice to help

no no I insist

you deserve to it take it easy

I’ll do everything

like I always do

no insist

it makes me feel so much better 

when I do these little things for you

keep you comfortable



no you aren’t helpless

as long as you have me

to do everything

it’s is my pleasure to help you

you don’t have to worry about a thing

just ask and I’ll be happy to oblige

no no don’t get up

I’ll bring the paper to you

I’ll read it out loud if you want


don’t be silly

I trust you to do things for yourself

but you know 

I do them so much better than you

and I don’t mind at all

why fend for yourself

when there is someone 

who is so willing so eager

almost indispensable

don’t worry 

your pretty little head about anything

save your thinking for important matters

such as what to wear tomorrow

if you don’t like what I’ve picked out


I’ll make sure

you get up on time

you won’t ever be late for anything

as long as you have me 

to tend to your needs

I’ll even tend to needs

you didn’t know you had 


what’s in it for me

just the joy of being useful 

to someone as useless as as you

all you have to be is you

one of those who don’t have to do a thing 


let me pamper you

let me walk a mile in your shoes 

so you don’t have to 

if I could

I would take a dump for you

yes I would


now open up

I’ve cut your meat into little pieces

do want then pre-chewed

I‘ll do what it takes 

to keep you in this sweet state of surrender

no i don’t think I control you

you are in control

your ever wish is my desire

merely ask and I’ll do it

I’m that selfless 


don’t you know

people will envy you

that you have someone so attentive 

so eager to fulfill your commands

to spare you from 

having to experience life

in any of its many unpleasant facets

all you have to do is enjoy 

being helpless but in control

oh yes you are in control

my happiness depends on yours

I am more capable of making you happy

than you are yourself


admit it

you like not having to be responsible 

for your own life

I’ll take the blame

I’ll make all the excuses

it is my joy

my one goal in life

is to make sure 

you don’t have to live yours

except as I make it pleasant for you


who could ask for more

if you want more

ask me

really I don’t mind

even if you do mind

I’ll have to insist

ever so gently


stop fighting

you don’t need an identity 

when you’ve got me

you don’t even need a purpose

when my own purpose 

it to keep you happy

to keep you safe from 

purpose of any kind

you don’t even have to be grateful

who could ask for more 


every Tuesday 2019


Stratford Festival – Henry VIII


Stratford Festival – Nathan The Wise

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