Cape Breton Day 1

The most difficult part of the trip is over 🙂 getting up at 3:15 a.m. to be at the airport for 6 for my flight scheduled to leave at 7:40. Everything at the Pearson went without a major hitch – my suitcase was under the limit, the flight only delay half-an-hour. Reading kept me interested.

My sister was waiting when I arrived around 11:40. We stopped at Forest Haven to visit our parents graves & to see some of the sites. We dropped my luggage off at the hotel & continued along King St. to Walmart & he’d lunch at the Retro Diner. Good burger, decent fries that hit the spot. 

After that up to the old homestead for a dishes etc for me use at the hotel. Pulled down my mother silver set, which my sister hasn’t seen for years. I remember it so clearly, the silver work on the handles always impressed me & seeing & handling it again brought back memories. I think it was a wedding gift to my mother form my father so it goes back to the early 50’s for sure.

Did some shopping at, of all places, Shoppers & Sobey’s, to take care of breakfast & before bed snack needs. Room ready at the Travelodge & I was impressed. large, airy, a couch! Sent my sister on her way so I could unpack, relax, get on line. Went for a walk at 6:30 to check out the Boardwalk. Sun was merciless. Had an ice cream & back to hotel by 8:30. Ready for bed & to see what Saturday brings. Maybe I’ll take in a meeting or maybe they Pride Parade.

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