Cape Breton Day 2

I slept quite well my first night. My Travelodge room is very quiet for which I am grateful. Sticking sort of to my morning routine of readings. mediations, checking email & such. By then I was ready to make the biggest decision of the day – what to wear 🙂 I was ready for action by 10 a.m.

I double checked the location of the recovery meeting  at 11. I know the city well enough to find it but wanted to see if there was a shorter way of getting there. It was about a 35 minute walk. I knew I was in the right place when I cars pulling into a parking lot & people hanging around smoking 🙂 A very full house for a topic discussion.

I met up with my sister after the meeting & we went to Kay’s Kosy Korner for lunch. Friendly waitresses lead to talk about the history of Kay’s, which opened in 1952. I used to go there in my teens for their fries & gravy. Not much of the original remains though.

After that we went to the Open Hearth Park – that replaced the industrial waste of the Steel Plant. Parts had been taken over by this weeks Pride celebration. The parade ended up here. So it was a sea of rainbow everything, even ice cream. Drag Queens & pony rides 🙂 I did buy a tee-shirt. Over the past few years Pride has gotten bigger here in Sydney – it is a week of bar events. One non-bar event is a living library where members of the community will share their survival stories at, of all place, the regional library.

After an half-an-hour we ended up back at the Boardwalk so I could see what shops were open. There’s a dozen or so there but now they only open if there a cruise ships docking. Local don’t buy enough handmade (in China) souvenirs. Of course another ice cream was had. 

Spent an hour or so at our Royal Ave house. My sister telling be about changes & how she longs to shed much of the belongings of the past. It is like living in a 2nd hand store. But some for hat is there is worth treasuring. One object was a massive dictionary that was sold a section at a time over many weeks at Sobeys. I remember it from growing up. 

On the way back to the hotel we took a spin through Membertou, the Mi’kmaq reservation. Lots of smoke shops 🙂 Cigarettes clearly big business. It is now a part of the local community – as a child I remember it being off-limits & one rarely saw the natives in town. No they have two-spirit celebrations & Medicine Walks that includes making your own dream catcher (that way you can be sure it wasn’t made in Taiwan).

Another full day of walking, taking pictures & sharing some great family memories with my sister.


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