Cape Breton (Liberation Army) Day 7

Such a busy day yesterday I didn’t have time for a recap 🙂 The morning was a nice long 45 minute walk from my hotel to St. Theresa’s Church in Ashby for a recovery meeting. I did a stop at Dillan’s for a coffee & muffin on my way. Also stopped for a few photos. Temple Sons of Israel was the synagog near where I lived on Cottage Rd. Then the United Church – now being repurposed, I hope. I went there for Sunday school as a child.

Meeting was good. Walked back to hotel – if I could have hailed a cab I would have but Sydney isn’t a hailer’s city. Got back intimate for a delivery at my room. Rested. Showered, shaved & dressed for theatre with my sister. She picked me up at 5. Great supper at the Olde Triangle – excellent seafood chowder, good lamb shank. Show was at 8 so we had time to walk off some of the meal. 

The show ‘The Return of the Cape Breton Liberation Army’, in the repurposed St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, is part of the Highland Arts Theatre‘s summer season. Inspired by ‘Old Trout Funnies’ the show is full of local, topical humour full of references to South Bar, a second docking port for Sydney Harbour & immigration. I have the original ‘Old Trout’ comics & was happy to see this is an update that kept their playful, anarchical sensibility intact.

Fun songs, great performances – I particularly enjoyed Diana MacKinn-Furlong as General Dixie MacVicar. I also loved the joke about the pronunciation difference between Mac and Mc. A great use of video & slides helped move the show along. It did have the flavour of past show such as the Rise & Follies, which is a good thing. It is clearly a show for the local as I suspect anyone unfamiliar with the Capri Club would fully get the humour. A great show well worth seeing. Check the website for dates, call your travel agent for airfares if you aren’t a local:-) It’ll be worth the trip.

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