Better To Be Talked About

People Talk

people talk

it doesn’t matter about who

the truth isn’t as relevant as 

the opportunity for spite

in fact the worse the better

who wants to believe the best

about anyone

when the worst is so much more interesting

it’s important to bring the good

down a peg or two

who do they think they are anyway

they aren’t any better

than the rest of us

even if they aren’t one of us

even if we we would never

do what we say they’ve done

we see through their facade

the sooner they get caught the better

no one is innocent

merely uncaught


The 227 Rules for Monks are often variations on each other – who knew micromanagement was part of the simple life – as a result some of these pieces are variations too. Part of the challenge of using the rules as prompts is to push harder against the restrictions of the variations – much like classical composers or jazz musicians or improv comedy I let things spin then edit – if I ever pull these pieces together for a collection I’d edit out the the repetitions.


The title of this came last but it reflects the nature of  our relationship with the press, which hasn’t changed since Oscar Wilde’s day. As is made clear by the current US president who gloats ever getting all the bad press he can generate. He has becomes an easy target for people to vent at – how much of that venting is sincere & how much is merely an opportunity for spite.


Stand-up comedy is almost entirely based on slavering cruelty. You could take routines from the 50’s, change names of targets & they’d fit in today. All that is different the level of anatomical vulgarity – the ten mother-fucking words one couldn’t say are now words you hear on cock-sucking sitcoms today 🙂


The piece is also about the emotional need that gossip fulfills, giving ‘us’ the opportunity to, momentarily, feel superior to those we gossip about – though sometimes it is tinged with envy – wishing we could get away with how the President consistently gets away with it. In today’s world it seems to be better to get caught & get away with it than not to get caught.

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