Bill and Ben


Working through the  227 Rules For Monks.

Who knew the simple life could be so complex.

Flower Pot Men

Bill and Ben

were the Flower Pot Men

a show I watched as a child

they would talk to each other

in gibberish

listening for the gardener 

when their friend the weed 

heard him coming

it would squeal 

weeeeed weeeeeeed

then become still and silent

as the flower pot men

sank back into their pots

curled up at the bottom

safe sound and hidden 


nameless men

curled up at the bottom of flower pots

didn’t remain hidden long enough

their photos bloomed

on telephone poles

bulletin boards

the corners of store windows

but not in flower pots


have you seen these flowers

from strange lands

with strange names 

no one knew 

let alone could pronounce

the authorities said

these aren’t real flowers

they aren’t connected

to the same soil

or to a known gardener

don’t worry

no one is stealing flowers

from your garden


then someone knocks over a flower pot

out falls not Bill or Ben


nameless men

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