Christmas Tree in a Dumpster

here’s a perfect festive picture in 253 words:

Christmas Tree in a Dumpster

december fifteen

ten days to the big event

I’m enjoying a walk on a cold sunny day

on my way home from 

a brief shopping challenge

in which I stuck to a list

no impulse shopping 

enjoying the almost heat 

of sun on my face


when I spot 

beside an apartment building

in a dumpester

the ass end 

of a Christmas tree sticking up

ornaments tinsel dangling

a stretch of purple silver garland

drooping over the side



after the new years 

I’d not be surprised 

to see such a sight

though tossing a tree 

with ornaments still on 

would be rare 

it was a real tree too

the raw sawed end bravely trust 

at the sun

tinsel shivering 

in the breeze of cars whizzing by


‘Christmas tree in a dumpster’

sound like the start of country song 

yet there it was

after too much cheer too soon

too little gratitude from the kids

teaching someone a lesson

getting rid of it

before the real bad memories took hold


angry break up 

a door slammed

and out with the tree 

hauling it down in the elevator

out to the dumpster

climbing up and shoving it in

tinsel garlands strings of lights

strewn in an angry wake

I can’t imagine it being done 

in calmness and serenity

get the fuck out of here

and take your goddamned tree too

or did they dump it off a balcony


someone is having 

a Christmas to remember 

I’m glad it’s not me

Picture Perfect sample here:

Whip Marks #NaNoWriMo sample05

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